What is a portable dance pole?

Spinning & Static modes: The portable dance pole is designed with two modes – spinning and static. For the static mode, simply tighten the bottom screw to lock the dance pole; For the spinning mode, loosening the bottom screw will do. Dance as you wish!

How does portable dance pole work?

Portable Poles Held In Place By Pressure – This type of portable dance pole is held in place by pressure between a joist (beam) in the ceiling and the floorboards. They require no ladders, drills or screws and cause minimal damage. Once it’s been installed correctly, it’s an incredibly safe piece of equipment.

Can you put a portable pole on carpet?

Removable poles can be installed on wall to wall carpet. You have to make sure to install tightly, and it will compress the carpet and leave a “dent” similar to if you placed a heavy piece of furniture on your carpet.

Can you install a pole without drilling?

Recommendation: Lupit Pole – This is a portable tension pole that requires no drilling so no ceiling damage to be worried about.

How do I protect my ceiling from the poles?

Most ceilings are made of plasterboard, which is weak, but the plasterboard is supported by strong wooden joists. It’s very important that you position your pole underneath one of these joists to prevent damage to your ceiling (and far more importantly to you if the pole falls down).

How do you install a ground pole?

Fence Pole Installation Without Cement by GRA Service

Can you get a portable stripper pole?

Yaheetech Professional Stripper Pole Spinning Static Dancing Pole Portable Removable 45mm Dance Pole Kit for Exercise Club Party Pub Home w/Tools – Gold.

What kind of pole should I get?

The slippiest of all the materials that you could choose for your pole, stainless steel is great for sensitive skin. Anyone with a nickel allergy will benefit from having a stainless steel pole as the allergy is often triggered by chrome poles.

How do you make a freestanding dance pole?

How Make a Dance Pole for $25


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