What is a small gardening rake called?

Shrub Rake – A shrub rake is of a similar design to a leaf rake, but the tines are shorter and there are fewer of them.

What is a small garden rake used for?

A rake is a type of gardening or landscaping tool with a handle that ends in a head. You can use a rake for scooping, scraping, gathering, or leveling materials, such as soil, mulch, or leaves. Some rakes have flat heads; others have sharp metal tines that can break up compacted soil or rocks.

How do you use a shrub rake?

A: Shrub rakes are used in tight places such as between beds and under shrubbery. Slowly use the shrub rake head to maneuver through the plants, remove leaves, debris and dirt. Shrub rakes should also be used to clean up after pruning. They can also be used to clean the tight spaces in between patio furniture.

What is a gravel rake?

Generally speaking, a gravel rake is used to clear debris from areas of gravel. The heads tend to be made from thick, hard-wearing metal and the individual teeth are widely-spaced, so as to limit disturbance of the rocks. You might be wondering whether or not you can just use your garden rake or thatch rake.

What is the difference between a garden rake and a lawn rake?

Leaf rakes are typically made of lightweight wood for the handle, along with either plastic, bamboo or steel tines. In contrast, garden rakes must move heavier soil, so their tines are usually made of metal, such as steel, to withstand their heavy-duty application moving soil for tilling.

What is a Raker and scarifier?

Raking or de-mossing the lawn – Whereas scarifiers use blade tines, rakes use wire tines just like on a fan or spring-bok lawn rake. Image shows wire tines above the soil level at all times. Wires are best for raking because moss is not rooted and comes away quite easily.

What is a fan rake used for?

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