What is a sponge cooking?

A kitchen utensil with an open-celled texture that is semi-hard when dry or soft and porous when wet. With each cell being open to the next cell, it effectively absorbs excess materials on surfaces to wipe away or clean the materials spilled or remaining.

What is sponge in British baking?

Basically, a sponge is a cake made very light by whipping the egg and carefully folding in the flour mixture. The two types of sponge cake that appear most often on the show are Victoria and Genoise.

What is the American equivalent of British baking spread?

But Earth Balance is widely available in the U.S. and seems to be a one-to-one substitution for British baking spread.

Why is Victoria sponge so called?

As the recipe evolved with the invention of baking powder, it’s no surprise that the sponge cake was renamed in honour of its royal patron. The way Queen Victoria would have enjoyed her cake was what we have come to recognise as the definitive Victoria sponge cake today.

Is a Victoria sponge English?

A Great British classic, the Victoria Sponge is the queen of cakes – and the centrepiece for any traditional afternoon tea worth its salt.

What is considered a pudding in England?

The two meanings of “pudding” – American puddings are closer to what the Brits would call “custard.” A British pudding is a dish, savory or sweet, that’s cooked by being boiled or steamed in something: a dish, a piece of cloth, or even animal intestine.

What is sponge used for in baking?

use in dough makingstage, the mixture, called the sponge, usually contains one-half to three-fourths of the flour, all of the yeast, yeast foods, and malt, and enough water to make a stiff dough.

What are the differences between sponge and butter cakes?

As a general rule, there are two main types of cake: a butter cake and a sponge cake. Butter cakes contain more ingredients and have a denser texture compared to sponge cakes. The light and airy nature of sponge cakes comes from beaten eggs and contains no extra raising agents.


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