What is a Stok grill?

The STŌK GRIDIRON portable gas grill is a beast on and off the field. It’s perfect for grilling on the go at outings like camping, tailgating, picnics and more. This grill features the STŌK Grilling Insert System, like all other STŌK Grills, and comes with the STŌK Cast-Iron Grill Grate Insert.

Are Stok grills any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars The best grill i ever bought! This is the best grill i ever bought and I am particular about grills. I seasoned the cast iron grates (like you would a cast iron pan) tuna steaks turned out perfect, didn’t stick and great grill marks.

How do you use a STOK pizza stone?

How to Use a Pizza Stone – YouTube

How much does a Stok grill cost?

The $299 STOK Quattro 4-burner gas grill impressed us overall and for that it garnered an above-average 6/10 rating.

How do you replace burners on a Stok Grill?

Stok burner tube replacement – YouTube

What happened to Stok grills?

After getting 569 reports of leaking regulators, One World Technologies has recalled 89,000 Stok Quattro and Stok Island gas grills. The leaking regulators pose a fire and burn hazard although no injuries have been reported, according to the recall notice from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Who makes Stok grills?

Stok is owned by One World Technologies in South Carolina.


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