What is an endurance saddle for?

Endurance saddles are used for riding horses in long distance and competitive trail rides. These saddles are offered in Western, English and Australian styles and feature ample D-rings for attachment of gear. Western endurance saddles typically have a minimal skirt and a pommel without a horn.

How are endurance saddles different?

The endurance saddle does not have a horn de- spite it’s western appearance as endurance rides are conducted primarily at the trot which requires the rider to post for comfort and safety. Endurance stirrups usually have a large surface to prevent foot cramping and increase security.

How do you train a horse for endurance riding?

  1. Begin with 15 to 20 minutes of walk to warm up, followed by alternating walk and trot.
  2. The AERA gives a goal for the end of week 8 of a 9 – 10 mph average speed when riding 50% walk to 50% trot.
  3. By week 12 the horse should be doing 2 hours of active, unbroken trot.
  4. Include two recovery days per week.

What tack do you need for endurance?

The most important piece of tack for an endurance rider is the saddle. To begin you may use any saddle that is comfortable and fits both horse and rider. If you stay with the sport, you may want to use a special, or even custom-made endurance or trail saddle.

What do you need for an endurance ride?

What to Pack for your First Endurance ride – Beth Endurance – YouTube

Is endurance English or Western?

English: Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Endurance, Cross-Country, etc Western: Rodeo, Reining, Cutting, Ranching, Trail Riding, etc…

What do you need for endurance riding?

For pleasure rides, there is absolutely no requirement for any specific clothing, tack or equipment. What is important is that both rider and horse are comfortable. Correctly fitting tack and perhaps breathable clothing for the rider is all that is necessary.

What do I need for endurance riding?

So, you must bring along hay, grain, and supplements. Many endurance riders feed wet beet pulp to provide energy and to get a bit more water into their horse. Dehydration is a danger when a horse is sweating hard, so electrolytes and water are very important. You will also need food for yourself.

Can you use a dressage saddle for endurance?

Many endurance riders include dressage training as part of the curriculum to strengthen the horse’s back – in a properly adjusted and fitting saddle of course that allows the horse the necessary freedom to move at the shoulder and to engage his back properly.

How do you fit an endurance saddle?

How to Properly Fit A Saddle On Your Horse – YouTube

Is endurance riding English or Western?

Two well-known American 100-mile (160 km) endurance rides are The Western States Trail Ride, commonly known as the Tevis Cup, held in California, and the Old Dominion ride, held in Virginia.

Are endurance saddles good for trail riding?

Endurance Saddles – These saddles combine the best features of the other styles because comfort is extremely important for long distance endurance riders. Therefore, these same saddles are perfect for keeping you comfortable on a trail ride, no matter how far you decide to go.

How heavy is an endurance saddle?

Saddle Weight: 20 lbs.

Why is the Western saddle so heavy?

The Western saddle was not only created for a rider to sit in but also to carry equipment and to tie of cattle. A Western saddle is heavy because it was made to withstand the stress of hard work. They are durable saddles that if taken care of properly, can last a lifetime.

What is the lightest endurance saddle?

The Florac 2.0 is the sportiest and lightest (2 kg) of our stamina endurance. It is the culmination of the search for equilibrium of the rider / horse couple.

What is the best horse for endurance riding?

  • Arabian Horse.
  • Mustang Horse.
  • Anglo-Arabian.
  • Morgan Horse.
  • Rocky Mountain Horse.
  • Mules.
  • Quarter Horse.
  • Hanoverian.

How does endurance riding work?

An Endurance ride is a timed test against the clock of an individual horse/rider team’s ability to traverse a marked, measured cross-county “trail” over natural terrain consisting of a distance of 50 to 100 miles in one day.


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