What is dark romance reverse harem?

“Reverse harem” is, literally, the opposite of “harem”, with a group of males centering round a singular female, usually with three or more males. Quite often found under the romance genre. For the non-fiction genre, see Polyandry.

What is reverse harem romances?

The reverse harem novel stands apart from other romance novels due to many of its basic characteristics, the most obvious of which is the makeup of the main characters. Just as a harem is made up of one man with multiple women, a reverse harem consists of one female protagonist and three or more male love interests.

What’s a reverse harem story?

Simply put, Reverse Harem, also known as RH, is a romance story that involves multiple love interests of 3 or more men. Yup.. a Harem. It’s reverse because it is focused on men instead of women as part of the group.

How do you do a reverse harem romance?

How To Write a Reverse Harem Romance Novel

What is BBW fiction?

BBW indicates the story has a “big, beautiful woman,” meaning the protagonist or the woman counterpart is curvy and thick.

What is MFM and MMF?

mfm –> male with female and another male, male/female/male. The guys don’t touch! Classic menage. Often involves brothers with one woman. mmf –> male/male/female.


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