What is David Hockney’s most famous piece?

A closer look at ‘A Bigger Splash‘ Painted in 1967, A Bigger Splash is perhaps David Hockney’s best-known artwork.

What was Hockney’s first painting?

Picture of a Hollywood Swimming Pool‘ , David Hockney’s very first painting from his renowned corpus of pools, is a highlight of Sotheby’s upcoming Contemporary Art Evening Auction .

Where can I see Hockney paintings in London?

The Morgan Library and Museum presents David Hockney: Drawing from Life, a solo exhibition of David Hockney’s portraits on paper. Featuring about 100 drawings, the exhibition is one of few to investigate the evolution of his drawing practice over the years.

How long did Andy Warhol live?

Warhol died in Manhattan at 6:32 a.m. on February 22, 1987, at age 58. According to news reports, he had been making a good recovery from gallbladder surgery at New York Hospital before dying in his sleep from a sudden post-operative irregular heartbeat.

Who inspired Hockney?

By the early 1970s, Hockney had moved on to more realistic and conventional paintings. Increasingly inspired by Balthus, Edward Hopper, and Giorgio Morandi, Hockney’s work became less and less influenced by literature.

What is David Hockney’s art style?

What is the most expensive sculpture ever sold?

L’ Homme au doigt or ‘Pointing Man’, became the most expensive sculpture ever sold when a private collector bought it for a whopping US$141.3 million in May 2015. The 1947 bronze statue is considered Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti’s “most iconic and evocative sculpture”.


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