What is Golden GAC used for?

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. GACs can be blended with GOLDEN Acrylic Paints to extend the paint, regulate transparency, create glazes, increase gloss, reduce viscosity or improve adhesion and film integrity. The GAC polymers can also be used for binding pigment solids for various effects and surfaces.

How long does GAC 500 take to dry?

It was touch dry, but slightly soft to the touch within an hour, and completely dry within 5 hours. It dries semi-opaque, allowing you to see through it slightly.

How do you use golden high flow medium?

GOLDEN – High Flow Acrylics: Unique and Versatile Tool for Artists

What can you use instead of GAC 800?

  • Heavy Body Acrylics are obviously much thicker than GAC 800, and when added at higher levels, can make it so thick that it will no longer pour.
  • Fluid Acrylics are the closest paint line with the consistency of GAC 800.
  • High Flow Acrylics are thinner than GAC 800, so mixtures become thinner and flow readily.

What does GAC 800 do to acrylic paint?

As an artist’s medium, GAC-800 has many benefits. One benefit is that GAC-800 can help prevent crazing or cracking in your pieces; it will encourage your paint to dry evenly, as long as you aren’t using an excessive amount of paint. GAC-800 also provides some flexibility when your painting dries.

Can gloss medium be used as varnish?

Acrylic gloss mediums enhance that natural shine while increasing the flow and longevity of paints. They are a good choice for thin glazes and layering and can often be used as a varnish over a completed painting to enhance contrast, vibrancy of colors, and texture.


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