What Is Karaoke Rage?

In March 2008, a man was arrested in Thailand for shooting eight people to death, including his brother-in-law, in a dispute stemming from several karaoke offerings, including repeated renditions of John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads”.

Why is My Way cursed in Philippines?

Critics claim that the song is one of Sinatra’s best, vocally and creatively. But in the Philippines, when you sing Sinatra, you could get killed. Some were killed for singing out of tune, others were killed for hogging the microphone, and quite a few were killed for singing the song on repeat for hours on end.

Is the song My Way cursed?

Sinatra’s “My Way” isn’t cursed. There is a correlation between the deaths because of its popularity.

Is karaoke big in the Philippines?

It is an understatement to say that Filipinos love karaoke. Almost every Philippine home has a karaoke machine or a Magic Sing microphone – a digital mic that turns your television into a karaoke machine. It’s almost always a feature at birthday and holiday parties.

Why are Filipino good singers?

Singing doesn’t cost a thing

Out of the multiple other possible reasons, our favorite is the Filipinos’ inherent positive disposition, stemming from the idea that Filipinos have developed their singing talents in an effort to stay optimistic while coping with their problems.

Why is My Way banned in karaoke?

As of 2007, the song reportedly had been taken off the playlists of karaoke machines in many bars in Manila, after complaints about out-of-tune renditions of the song, resulting in violent fights and murders.

Is My Way banned in Philippines?

AND SO I FACE THE FINAL CURTAINThe violence inspired by the song has led to “My Way” being completely banned in many karaoke bars across the Philippines, where some of the “My Way” murders have taken place.

Is there a cursed song?

Rezső Seress’s “Gloomy Sunday” could be one of the most controversial songs of all time. Initially written in 1933, it was soon known worldwide as the cursed song that makes people commit suicide.

Which of the following singers known by his hit song My Way which popular song karaoke?

“My Way”
LabelRCA Records
Composer(s)Claude François
Lyricist(s)Gilles Thibaut Jacques Revaux Paul Anka

What is the message of My Way?

Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ Is America’s Anthem Of Self-Determination Made famous by Frank Sinatra — who grew to hate it — “My Way” represents the quintessentially American outlook that nothing in life matters more than living on your own terms.

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