What is Ruth St. Denis best known for?

Denis (born Ruth Denis; January 20, 1879 – July 21, 1968) was an American pioneer of modern dance, introducing eastern ideas into the art. She was the co-founder of the American Denishawn School of Dancing and Related Arts and the teacher of several notable performers.

What was Ruth St. Denis famous for?

Ruth St. Denis, original name Ruth Dennis, (born January 20, 1879, Newark, New Jersey, U.S.—died July 21, 1968, Los Angeles, California), American contemporary dance innovator who influenced almost every phase of American dance.

What contribution is Ruth St Denis most known for that produced many talented dancers?

With the help of some Indian friends, Miss St. Denis danced the radha, a freestyle Indian dance. She was the first in the Western world to introduce to a legitimate audience Oriental and Eastern dancing. The dances were accompanied by European music performed on Western musical instruments.

What inspired St Dennis’s first dances?

Denis’ artistic imagination was ignited by these artists. She became very interested in the dance/drama of Eastern cultures( ), including those of Japan, India and Egypt. She was also influenced by Bernhardt’s melodramatic acting style, in which the tragic fate of her characters took center stage.

Who did Ruth St Denis dance with?

In 1914, Shawn applied to be her student, and soon became her artistic partner and husband. Together they founded Denishawn, the “cradle of American modern dance.” One of her more famous pupils was Martha Graham. Together St. Denis and Shawn founded the Los Angeles Denishawn school in 1915.

What is Radha Ruth St Denis?

In Ruth St. Denis. … of her first dance work, Radha (based on the milkmaid Radha who was an early consort of the Hindu god Krishna), together with such shorter pieces as The Cobra and The Incense. A three-year European tour followed.

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