What is StarQuest Dance Competition?

StarQuest produces happy, positive, dance event memories. We are the foremost quality dance competition in North America because we present on-time, professional events in a friendly, theatrical, exciting & fun-filled atmosphere.

Is StarQuest a hard competition?

To win, think of ways to be distinctive because this is definitely not the time to blend in. While other dance companies admirably try to keep up with StarQuest standards, it’s continuously proven time and time again to be a difficult feat.

What does Nova mean in a dance competition?

“Nova”: This is our Recreational Level. Dancers who perform in 8 or less routines from every division excluding their first 3 Lines/Mega Lines, may be considered “Nova”. Dancers who have limited or no competition and dance experience should be placed in “Nova”.

What is StarQuest emerging artist?

“Emerging Artist” scores are separate and not related to their adjudication score. The score is based on the performer’s overall performance ability, personality, and entertainment skills in addition to technique. All Genders compete together for “Emerging Artist”.

What does adjudication mean in dance?

Dance competitions (at least the ones we attend) are run on an adjudicated system, which essentially means that each routine gets a grade before they start comparing Page 2 routines against each other and ranking them.

What does a dance adjudicator do?

Definition. An adjudicator is a person certified by a Professional DanceSport Organization to evaluate a DanceSport couple’s performance based on given criteria.

What do dance competition judges look for?

Judges usually want to see that a breaker has a high-level to their movement, and so will be looking to see if they’re demonstrating the ability to execute extremely difficult moves, like putting together tricks or power moves in hard to execute combinations.


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