What is step dancing called?

stepping, also spelled steppin’, also called blocking, a complex synchronized dancelike performance that blends African folk traditions with popular culture. Stepping involves clapping, body slapping, vocalizations, and dramatic movements.

How do you describe step dance?

Stepping or step-dancing (a type of step dance) is a form of percussive dance in African-American culture. The participant’s entire body is used as an instrument to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word, and hand claps.

Is stepping hip-hop?

Inspired by their military training, they brought to their dances a highly rigorous, drill like component and combined it with elements from other Black dances, just as today’s steppers often add hip-hop movements.

What is the purpose of step dance?

Step dancing is a showcase for exhibiting a team’s individual style and showing its unity. Its origins can be found in the traditions of competitive drill teams and marching bands and take their movement patterns from African and slave dances such as patting juba and ring shouts.

What is Texas Twostep?

Texas Two-Step. The two-step is a partner dance, consisting of a “leader” and a “follower.” The leader determines the movements and patterns of the pair as they move around the dance floor. It is a progressive dance that proceeds counterclockwise around the floor.


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