What is the acrobatic dancing called?

Acro dance is known by various other names including acrobatic dance and gymnastic dance, though it is most commonly referred to simply as acro by dancers and dance professionals.

What is acrobatic movement?

An acrobatic movement or display involves difficult physical acts such as jumping and balancing, especially in a circus. He performed a sensational acrobatic feat. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

Is acrobatic gymnastics a sport?

Acrobatic Gymnastics is fun for athletes of any age and athletic ability. This sport is a partner sport requiring athletes of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Acrobatics is practiced and competed as Men’s Pairs, Women’s Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Women’s Groups (3) or Men’s Groups (4).

What are the different types of acro?

Acro is a common nickname for a variety of different types of acrobatics: partner acrobatics, acroyoga, acro balance, acro dance, sports acro, acro gymnastics, and just simply acro.

What are the 3 types of routines in acrobatic gymnastics?

Balance, dynamic, and combined routines – Depending on the level of the partnership, athletes may be required to perform one, two or three routines at competitions.

Is acrobatics a form of dance?

Acrobatic Dance or Acro is a style of dance that combines nearly any style of dance, but usually lyrical, contemporary, or jazz with acrobatic skills and tricks. It is safe when skills are taught incrementally and with an Acrobatic Teacher certified in safe training practices.

How do you do the acro dance?

Acro Fundamentals Lesson 1| Beginner Acrobatics


Dance Competition Dance Routine -Acrobatic Dance

Aerial Silk Acrobatics – Grand Show

Beginner Acro Dance Year 1; Lesson 2

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