What is the best dance workout channels on YouTube?

  • ICON UK. Michelle Phan’s lifestyle network offers a multitude of dance workouts available on their YouTube channel ICON UK, with workouts led by the stunning Danielle Peazer.
  • The Fitness Marshall.
  • Popsugar Fitness.
  • BeFiT.
  • Saskia’s Dansschool.

Who is the best fitness influencers on YouTube?

  • Yoga With Adriene.
  • Kayla Itsines.
  • Fitness Blender.
  • POPSUGAR Fitness.
  • Blogilates.
  • Nikki Blackketter.
  • The Body Coach.
  • Carly Rowena.

How did Chloe Ting get so popular?

Chloe Ting is an Australian social media personality and started posting workout videos on YouTube in 2011 but became more famous after people started doing her workout challenges with the hashtag (#chloetingchallenges) that promised insane results (via Byrdie).

Which fitness Youtuber is the best for weight loss?

  • Blogilates.
  • The Fitness Marshall.
  • HASfit.
  • Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home.
  • Tone It Up.
  • jessicasmithtv.
  • POPSUGAR Fitness.
  • Fitness Blender.

What is the most popular workout?

Running is the most popular activity around the world, according to Fitbit. When it comes to working out, apparently most of us keep it old-school and simple. From the U.S. to Australia, 70% of people say their primary form of fitness is walking.

Are YouTube HIIT workouts effective?

HIIT workouts are very effective because you can get a lot done in a short period of time. They are the best bang for the buck workouts you can do, and they are great for those that want to improve their strength and cardio at the same time,” says Dr.

What is the best online workout?

  • Peloton Digital.
  • Jefit.
  • The Sculpt Society.
  • Glo.
  • Obé Fitness.
  • Barre3.
  • BTES Fitness by Rebecca Louise.
  • Nike Training Club.

Which Youtuber has the best cardio?

  1. FitnessBlender. FitnessBlender is one of the most popular YouTube exercise video platforms with almost 5 million subscribers.
  2. Shelly Dose Fitness.
  3. Relentless Jake Fitness.
  4. Kat Musni Fitness.
  5. BeFiT.
  6. Rachella Nisson.
  7. Billy Blanks Tae Bo Fitness.

Is there an exercise TV channel?

Favorite Exercise Shows on TV – Customers can choose from channels that offer yoga, high-intensity interval training, resistance training and stretching. Three of their fan favorites include Gaiam TV Fit and Yoga, Grokker Yoga Fitness and FitFusion by Jillian Michaels.

Does dancing count as HIIT?

Takeaways. Considering the pace and high impact, I can see dance workouts as a great cardio alternative for those with an aversion to running, boxing, or other HIIT workouts. What’s nice about the format of the movements and courses is that they can be adjusted to your comfort level.


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