What is the book Slade House about?

Slade House, the latest novel by David Mitchell, is a story in five parts. Each part details the fate of a different character as he or she is drawn to a mysterious black iron door that appears every nine years, as if by magic, in a narrow alley off Westwood Road in London.

How does Slade House end?

He goes through a chaotic period of time and dies in the attic of Slade House. In his final moments of physical life, Nathan watches his soul leave his body and hover above his head. Norah and Jonah suck up Nathan’s soul, which feeds their immortality. Each soul feeds their immortality for nine years.

Can you read Slade House before bone clocks?

The Bone Clocks establishes the narrative underpinnings of Slade House. I would suggest reading Bone Clocks twice and putting Slade House back on the shelf.

Is there a sequel to The Bone Clocks?

Mitchell’s slim new novel, “Slade House,” is a sequel of sorts to “The Bone Clocks,” although it’s closer to being a sly footnote. It first came to life as a short story, “The Right Sort,” which the author published in 140-character snippets on Twitter. It’s grown into something more.

Is there a sequel to Slade House?

Neither sequel nor prequel, “Slade House”, which grew out of a story released as a series of tweets, is a companion volume that distills “The Bone Clocks” to its creepy essence.

Should I read Cloud Atlas before bone clocks?

Corinna No need! However, I agree with Brian Gore – you’ll want to! That is what happened with me, I read Cloud Atlas first (had a hard time getting through the first 50 pages, but ended up loving it) then read The Bone Clocks, and eventually read everything he’s written. Elaine Cloud Atlas is a better read.

Is The Bone Clocks a series?

The Bone Clocks is a novel by British writer David Mitchell. It was long-listed for the Man Booker Prize 2014, and called one of the best novels of 2014 by Stephen King. The novel won the 2015 World Fantasy Award. The novel is divided into six sections with five first-person point-of-view narrators.

Does Cloud Atlas have a sequel?

Cloud Atlas 2 is a American computer-animated dystopian science fiction romantic drama film directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman and written by Jamie Linden and Mattson Tomlin.

Is the bone clocks a sequel to Cloud Atlas?

Slade House is a sequel of sorts to Bone Clocks, and since all the books are connected, to Cloud Atlas as well. It is not filled with the meditations on the human condition found in Cloud Atlas, but perhaps that is why it’s more enjoyable than Bone Clocks was—it is uncluttered and straightforward.

How old is Nathan in Slade House?

“Our scoutmaster told me to get lost, so I did, and it took the Snowdonia mountain rescue service two days to find my shelter,” declares Nathan Bishop, 13 years old, and clearly on the autistic spectrum. He and his mother have been invited to a musical soiree at Slade House.


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