What is the Cupid dance?

How to Do the Cupid Shuffle | Hip-Hop Dance

Why is the Cupid Shuffle popular?

The song appears in a party scene in season one, episode three of Ginny and Georgia. The Cupid Shuffle was a defining aspect of the early 2010s due to its meteoric popularity as an avant-garde exercise technique for elementary schools and bowling alleys, similar to DJ Casper’s “Cha Cha Slide”.

Who created the Cupid Shuffle?

Bryson Bernard, better known by his stage name Cupid, is no stranger to the injustices faced by black men in the United States. That’s why the Lafayette musician is using his influence as the creator of the “Cupid Shuffle” to raise awareness of these injustices through a collaborative song called “What’s Wrong USA.”

What is a shuffle song?

Shuffle play is a mode of music playback in which songs are played in a randomized order that is decided upon for all tracks at once. It is commonly found on CD players, digital audio players and media player software.

How much money did the Cupid Shuffle make?

Grand champion steer ‘Cupid Shuffle’ sells for record-breaking $300K | wfaa.com.

Is there a dance called the wobble?

How to Do the Wobble | Line Dancing

How do you do the Cotton Eyed Joe?

How to Line Dance to Cotton Eye Joe


How to Do the Cupid Shuffle | Sexy Dance Moves

How to Do the Cupid Shuffle | Kids Hip-Hop Moves

Cupid Shuffle (Instructional Video)

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