What is the difference between iGrill 2 and iGrill 3?

The only significant difference was instead of the thermometer being a separate accessory; the iGrill3 is fully integrated into the Weber Genesis grills. Both thermometers can support up to four probes and utilize the same iGrill application to track thermometer temperatures via a smart device.

What is the difference between Weber iGrill 2 and iGrill 3?

Both the iGrill 2 and iGrill 3 come with replaceable AA batteries. However, while the iGrill 2 has two of these batteries inside the box, the iGrill 3 thermometer comes with 3 batteries. As the iGrill 3 works on more batteries than the Weber iGrill 2, you would expect it to have longer battery life.

Is the Weber iGrill 2 waterproof?

It is not weatherproof. Do not use your iGrill 2 for slow cooking or any type of cook that generates steam, unless you are using a Pro Meat Probe.

Does the Weber iGrill 3 work with other grills?

The iGrill 3 is compatible with our Genesis II, Genesis II LX, and Spirit II series of grills.

What is the difference between Weber connect and iGrill?

Weber Connect Smart Grilling HubWeber iGrill 3
DisplayWireless LEDNone
AppWeber Connect AppWeber iGrill App

Can I use an iGrill 2 in the oven?

While it’s not an instant read, that doesn’t feel like a big deal for something you’ll tend to leave in for the duration of the cooking. That stovetop use is also part of a larger secret—you can also use the iGrill2 as an oven thermometer.

What is the best BBQ thermometer?

  • Best overall thermometer: Lavatools. Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo.
  • Best affordable thermometer: Thermoworks. Thermoworks ThermoPop.
  • Best smart thermometer: BBQ Guru. UltraQ BBQ Temperature Control Universal Kit.
  • Best dual-probe thermometer: ThermoPro.
  • Best high-end thermometer: Thermoworks.

What is the range on the Weber iGrill 2?

Temperature range-22°F – 572°F
Bluetooth Range150 ft
Probe length24″
Battery life200 hours

Should I get the iGrill?

CategoryWeber iGrill 3
ConnectivityBluetooth only

How does iGrill 2 work?

Learn all about the Weber iGrill 2 app-connected thermometer

How do I use iGrill 3 probes?

Cooking with iGrill 3 Digital Thermometer on a Genesis II

What is iGrill bracket?

The iGrill Bracket allows you to easily mount your iGrill (sold separately) to the handle of your Weber charcoal barbecue. iGrill probes can be stored in the bracket for safe, convenient storage. Fits: Weber 47 cm, 57 cm and 67 cm Charcoal Grills 2011 and newer.

How do you use the iGrill 3 app?

  1. Insert a probe into the probe port on your iGrill 3.
  2. Insert the tip into the thickest part of the meat ensuring the first ¼ inch (0,5 cm) of the probe is fully inserted into the meat.
  3. Select the meat/fish/poultry you are cooking and a desired preset temperature or create your own.

How does the Weber grill thermometer work?

The Weber iGrill takes the guesswork out of grilling! Explore … – YouTube

How do I connect my iGrill 2?

  1. Download the Weber iGrill App (Apple and Android)
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your smart device.
  3. Turn on the iGrill Mini, 2, or 3.
  4. Open the Weber iGrill App.
  5. Tap ‘Start Grilling’ followed by ‘Pair’ on the photo of your iGrill Mini, 2, or 3.

How accurate is the iGrill mini?

The iGrill Mini’s thermometer proved very accurate; we compared its results to those of a digital thermometer, and found that both registered a pot of boiling water correctly at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is the iGrill 3 worth it?

The Weber iGrill 3 is a decent thermometer and a handy accessory for Weber-compatible grills. It’s arguably one of the most impressive Bluetooth thermometers with probes that read wide temperature food ranges.

What is Weber i3?

The Weber iGrill 3 mounts directly into your Genesis II or Spirit II gas grill. This app-connected thermometer allows you to monitor the doneness of up to four cuts of meat, from beginning to end, and notifies you on your smart device once food has reached the perfect temperature to serve.

Does the iGrill 3 work with Android?

The iGrill 3 pairs with iPhone and Android devices, but unfortunately Weber have been slow to announce a Windows version of the thermometer app. The app has a range of built-in features for you to get the most out of your grill. It has target internal temperatures and alarms for you to grill by.

How do I turn off iGrill 3?

To power off the device, hold down the button until the ring glows white, indicating the device powering off. The device itself will also turn off its smart LED ring when not in range of a connected smart device, but wake when in range just like the iGrill2.

How do I set up iGrill 3?

  1. Remove iGrill 3 plate.
  2. Remove LED Fuel Gauge.
  3. Install the included magnet to the tank scale on your grill.
  4. Install bracket underneath side table.
  5. Install three fresh AA batteries into the battery box and mount it using the bracket.

How do I pair my Weber digital thermometer?

PAIRING INSTRUCTIONS – Press/Hold “1” and “2” on the hand-held display until you hear a beep and the current temperature readout flashes. Press the power button on the transmitter base for one second within 12 seconds of hearing the beep from the receiver. NOTE: When this button is pressed, you must hear a “click”.

What does iGrill 3 compatible mean?

The Weber iGrill 3 is exclusively compatible with Weber’s Genesis II grill line and fits in a water-resistant docking station positioned on the front of each grill. The iGrill 3 includes two temperature probes, but is adaptable to four probes (sold separately).

Is the iGrill 2 worth it?

I’ve had my iGrill 2 for about 2 months and have used it almost every weekend. It does a great job of monitoring the internal temperature of what ever your cooking on the grill or in the oven, and with the App installed on your phone you can monitor remotely.

Does iGrill 2 have WIFI?

This iGrill2 contains a wireless range of up to 150 feet and although it is long compared to what others have, it is still long enough it is enough let you go on the sitting room and check out your favorite program on the TV or relax by the poll side while your food is cooking.

Can you use iGrill in deep fryer?

We don’t recommend submerging the probe in a deep fryer.

Can iGrill 2 be used in a smoker?

The iGrill 2 meat thermometer is specifically designed with the griller and smoker in mind. It comes with more standard and advanced features than the majority of grilling thermometers on the market. This device is for any griller or smoker, has four probe ports and comes with two high-temperature Pro probes included.

Can I use Weber iGrill Mini in oven?

iDevices claims that iGrill Mini can measure temps ranging from -22 degrees to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. I didn’t test these extremes, but that suggests that you can put this thermometer in a smoker, grill, or oven on various settings without much cause for concern.

Is meater worth?

If you need four thermometers, MEATER Block is a better value. Our new favorite gadget. MEATER Plus is an expensive wireless grill thermometer that’s totally worth the price for its accuracy and functionality—it even estimates when the food will be done, so we know when it’s time to set the table and toss the salad.

How do you clean iGrill probes?

You can clean the iGrill Pro Meat Probe by using a damp towel. Avoid getting any liquid into the opening where the probe meets the wire. The iGrill Pro Meat Probe can measure temperature with a range of -58° to 716°F (-50° to 380°C). Outside that range, a temperature will not display and damage will result.

How do you calibrate a Weber iGrill?

  1. Separate the iGrill 2 from its base.
  2. Open the battery compartment.
  3. Remove the batteries for 30 seconds.
  4. Replace the batteries and turn the iGrill 2 back on by pressing the power button once, quickly.
  5. Hold down the reset button in the battery compartment for about 5 seconds.


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