What is the list of all Stephen King books?

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How many books does Stephen King have out?

King has published 64 novels, including seven under the pen name Richard Bachman, and five non-fiction books. He has written over 200 short stories, most of which have been compiled in book collections. Many of his stories are set in his home state of Maine.

What is Stephen King’s favorite book he wrote?

It has become common knowledge for devout King fans that his favorite book he’s ever written is Lisey’s Story. This 2006 novel is very personal for King, as it focuses on his relationship with his wife, Tabitha.

Which Stephen King books have sequels?

  • 1408.

How do you read Stephen King?

  1. Carrie (1974)
  2. ‘Salem’s Lot (1975)
  3. The Shining (1977)
  4. Rage (1977)
  5. The Stand (1978)
  6. Night Shift (1978)
  7. The Long Walk (1979)
  8. The Dead Zone (1979)

How do you read Dark Tower?

  1. The Gunslinger (1982)
  2. The Drawing of the Three (1987)
  3. The Waste Lands (1991)
  4. Wizard and Glass (1997)
  5. Wolves of the Calla (2003)
  6. Song of Susannah (2004)
  7. The Dark Tower (2004)
  8. The Wind Through the Keyhole (2012)

Did Stephen King see his friend hit by a train?

As a child, King apparently witnessed one of his friends being struck and killed by a train, though he has no memory of the event. His family told him that after leaving home to play with the boy, King returned speechlessly and seemingly in shock. Only later did the family learn of the friend’s death.

Does Stephen King suffer from mental illness?

Stephen King

During those years, this famous depressed writer also produced some of his best-known works, such as The Shining, Pet Sematary, and Carrie.

Is Stephen King married?

Tabitha King

Is Stephen King wealthy?

A prolific American author, Stephen King has an estimated net worth of $400 million. He has sold over 350 million copies of his novels around the globe.

What is a Stephen King Constant Reader?

Constant Readers is a comprehensive guide to the Stephen King Multiverse. Every book, story, comic, TV show, and movie reviewed and catalogued.

How many Stephen King books tie into The Dark Tower?

The Dark Tower is a series of eight novels and one short story written by American author Stephen King.

Why did Bob Gray become Pennywise?

King originally chose It to manifest as a clown because he thought clowns are what scared children “more than anything else in the world.” In order to accomplish its goal of murdering children and feasting off their flesh and fear, It also takes on forms specific to a person’s fears; for example, in the movie, It takes …

Does Pennywise survive?

1985: IT is finally defeated and physically killed in another Ritual of Chüd by the adult Bill, Richie, Beverly, Eddie, and Ben. In the 1990 adaptation, events occur slightly later, with Georgie’s disappearance occurring in 1960 and ITs death in 1990.

Are all Stephen King books set in Maine?


Is there a Stephen King universe?

The Stephen King Multiverse Finally Explained

What book is Pennywise in?


What is Stephen King’s magnum opus?

No one would ever accuse Stephen King of lacking ambition — particularly when it comes to his self-professed magnum opus, “The Dark Tower,” an eight-book series that chronicles an epic battle where the fate of the entire universe (known and unknown) hangs in the balance as the powers of good and evil duke it out for …

Which book is The Dark Tower movie based on?

The Dark Tower
Theatrical release poster
Directed byNikolaj Arcel
Screenplay byAkiva Goldsman Jeff Pinkner Anders Thomas Jensen Nikolaj Arcel
Based onThe Dark Tower by Stephen King

Is The Dark Tower in the same universe as it?

Both movies are actually in the same universe. IT, the book, makes a lot more sense when you have read all the insanity of the Dark Tower series. Literally all of King’s works (and possibly all works) are directly connected to The Dark Tower series.

How many Stephen King books take place in Derry?

Fans of renown horror author Stephen King know Bangor well, but by another name: Derry. The fictional town is a thinly disguised version of Bangor, where the author has lived for decades. Derry appears in no fewer than 24 of King’s stories and provides the major setting for the novel “It”.

Who wrote the most fiction ever?

It’s not who you think it is

Further investigation turns up a report that “In 2006, Guinness World Records declared L. Ron Hubbard the world’s most published and most translated author, having published 1,084 fiction and non-fiction works that have been translated into 71 languages.”

Who wrote most novels in the world?

The most published works by one author is 1,084 by L. Ron Hubbard (USA) whose first work was published in February 1934 and the last in March 2006.

What book is called Stephen King’s masterpiece?

There’s plenty of competition for the title among his vast bibliography, but there’s a reason that The Stand remains Stephen King’s masterpiece.

Does Stephen King use ghost writers?

—Stephen King. Our current production of Ghost-Writer raises many questions, as all great mysteries do, the most important being, “where do stories come from?” And with many great plays, that question is not directly answered.

Why did King Allow range out of print?

Business Insider/Corey Adwar One of the most sought-after out-of-print books is a violent early novel by Stephen King that he removed from print because he feared it influenced kids to shoot up their schools.

What is JK Rowling’s real name?

J.K. Rowling, in full Joanne Kathleen Rowling, pen name of Joanne Rowling, (born July 31, 1965, Yate, near Bristol, England), British author, creator of the popular and critically acclaimed Harry Potter series, about a young sorcerer in training.

Who is Stephen Kings son?

Both of the Kings’ sons are authors: Owen King published his first collection of stories, We’re All in This Together: A Novella and Stories, in 2005. Joseph Hillström King, who writes as Joe Hill, published a collection of short stories, 20th Century Ghosts, in 2005.

Why is Stephen King in Sons of Anarchy?

King was asked to take part after writing a positive column about the show for Entertainment Weekly. “I like the show, it’s one of those shows which seems to have gotten better as it goes along, it’s found its groove,” he said in a video interview for the channel FX.

Who wrote The Green Mile?

Stephen King

Was The Shining a true story?

The Shining was a fictional tale but the setting was inspired by the true hauntings within Colorado’s Stanley Hotel. Stephen King’s The Shining book was the basis for Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 masterpiece film.

Why is it called The Shining?

The Shining takes its name from the special power that Danny has for seeing things that other people can’t and for communicating without using his mouth.

Did Stephen King like the movie it?

IT (2017) Just prior to the release of IT, King offered effusive praise for the film, and he’s said nothing to backtrack on that since. As relayed to Bloody Disgusting: I had hopes, but I was not prepared for how good it really was.

What did The Shining do to Shelley Duvall?

Kubrick Completely Mistreated Duvall on Set

The result of the constant takes were Duvall’s hands were shredded raw from gripping the bat for such a prolonged period of time, her voice was hoarse from crying, her eyes became swollen, and she left the set completely dehydrated.

Why is Carrie an 18?

Parents need to know that although it’s far less graphic than other horror movies, this film adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel of the same name does include some fairly intense, emotional scenes of violence, death, and destruction. Carrie’s mother is abusive to her and even threatens her life.

Was Carrie based on a true story?

Nearly every novel Stephen King writes takes inspiration from his life. In Carrie, the titular character was inspired by two women he once knew. A great many stories from prolific horror author, Stephen King, are based on real-life occurrences he’s experienced as well as people whom he has known personally.

How much is a first edition of Carrie worth?

intact price of $5.95, first edition stated on copyright page, P6 in gutter on page 199; Fine in a Near Fine dust jacket.

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