What is the most popular book right now 2020?

  • #1. A Promised Land.
  • #2. Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.
  • #3. Where the Crawdads Sing.
  • #4. My First Learn-to-Write Workbook: Practice for Kids with Pen Control, Line Tracing, Letters, and More!
  • #5. Midnight Sun.
  • #6. Untamed.
  • #7.
  • #8.

What was the number one book in 2020?

Yes, as reported by Publishers Weekly earlier today, A Promised Land was the top print title in 2020, moving nearly 2.6 million copies in just six weeks—a staggering number, though notably less than Michelle Obama’s Becoming, which sold 3.4 million copies in the same period back in 2018 (and which quietly moved another

Are books still popular 2020?

Strong book sales in the US – Sales of consumer books were up 19.1% in February, at $646 million, and up more than 20% on the year to date, with $1.3 billion in revenue, according to the latest figures from the Association of American Publishers.

What are the top 10 fiction books of 2020?

  1. The Vanishing Half, Brit Bennett.
  2. Shuggie Bain, Douglas Stuart.
  3. The Mirror & the Light, Hilary Mantel.
  4. A Children’s Bible, Lydia Millet.
  5. Homeland Elegies, Ayad Akhtar.
  6. I Hold a Wolf by the Ears, Laura van den Berg.
  7. A Burning, Megha Majumdar.
  8. Deacon King Kong, James McBride.

Who is the best-selling author of 2020?

  • Where the Crawdads Sing. by Delia Owens.
  • American Dirt. by Jeanine Cummins.
  • The Vanishing Half. by Brit Bennett.
  • If It Bleeds. by Stephen King.
  • Camino Winds. by John Grisham.
  • The Return. by Nicholas Sparks.
  • 28 Summers. by Elin Hilderbrand.
  • The Evening and the Morning. by Ken Follett.

Who is currently the best-selling author?

James Patterson is the world’s highest-paid author by a wide margin, and has been the world’s best-selling author since 2001. He has sold more than 350 million books worldwide, and is most famous for the “Alex Cross” crime novel series.

How many words are in the world’s longest novel?

The Blah Story by Nigel Tomm (3,277,227 words) – The Blah Story is the longest book ever written published in 23 volumes.


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