What is the most prestigious dance college?

Pace University – New York, NY – The Commercial Dance major blends the highest quality of dance and theater training preparing students for diverse careers on stage, television, film, and the entertainment industry.

What colleges have Division 1 dance teams?

  • University of Tennessee – Knoxville, TN.
  • University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, OH.
  • University of Kentucky – Lexington, KY.
  • University of Nevada – Reno, NV.
  • The Ohio State University – Columbus, OH.

How do you get scouted for dance?

Attend an open call. (These are usually posted on casting sites and an agency’s own website.) Get referred by a colleague or choreographer who is already represented by a particular agency. Get scouted in a dance class at big studios like Broadway Dance Center and Millennium Dance Complex.

Which Ivy Leagues have dance teams?

With the exception of Columbia University (home to Barnard College, where students can major in dance), no Ivy League school offers a dance major or supports a full-fledged dance department, suggesting that these biases, to some degree, persist.

Is dance a NCAA sport?

Dance teams from colleges and universities across the country strive for greatness and are pushed to their physical limits and compete against other teams. But they are not considered a sport by the National College Athletic Association.


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