What is the order of The Baxter Family books by Karen Kingsbury?

What order should you read the Baxter family series?

  • Redemption Series.
  • Firstborn Series.
  • Sunrise Series.
  • Above The Line Series.
  • Bailey Flanigan Series.
  • Coming Home Book.

What network is the Baxters TV series on?

Roma Downey to Star in New Faith-Based Series ‘The Baxters’ – LightWorkers Media is kicking off their first ever scripted digital series and presenting a new faith-based family drama series starring Christian actress Roma Downey.

Is taken by Dee Henderson part of a series?

The Marriage Wish(1997)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Undetected(2014)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Taken(2015)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Immortality(2018)Hardcover Paperback Kindle

Which Karen Kingsbury book should I read first?

1Where Yesterday Lives1998
2When Joy Came to Stay2000
3On Every Side2001
4Oceans Apart2002

Is two weeks by Karen Kingsbury part of a series?

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes a heart-wrenching and redemptive new story in the Baxter Family series about a couple desperately waiting to bring their adopted child home and a young mother about to make the biggest decision of her life.

What comes after sunrise series Karen Kingsbury?

The Sunrise book series by Karen Kingsbury includes books Sunrise, Summer, Someday, and several more. See the complete Sunrise series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions, and companion titles.

Where are the Baxters from?

Statue of a stag outside Baxters Highland Village
FounderGeorge Baxter
HeadquartersFochabers, Scotland, UK
Area servedWorldwide

What book comes after two weeks by Karen Kingsbury?

A Baxter Family Christmas(2016)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Two Weeks(2020)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Someone Like You(2020)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Truly, Madly, Deeply(2020)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
The Baxters: A Prequel(2022)Hardcover Paperback Kindle

What type of books does Karen Kingsbury write?

Her prolific writing career began in the 1980s, when Kingsbury was a sports reporter for the Los Angeles Times. Her first novels were true crime books, but that genre didn’t feel quite right. After her fourth true crime book, Kingsbury began focusing solely on what she calls “life-changing fiction.”

What is the order of Karen Kingsbury series?

  • Reunion: The Baxter Family, Redemption Series Clean, Contemporary Christian Fiction (2006)
  • Halfway to Forever (2007)
  • Remember Tuesday Morning (2011)
  • Ever After (2007)
  • The Baxters Take Four (2010)
  • Loving (2012)
  • Forever : Firstborn Series, Book 5 (2007)
  • The Friends of Jesus (2015)

What book comes after redemption?

Memory Man(2015)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
The Fallen(2018)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Redemption(2019)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Walk the Wire(2020)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Long Shadows(2022)Hardcover Paperback Kindle

What is Karen Kingsbury’s new book called?

Just Once | Book by Karen Kingsbury | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster.

Is there a sequel to the bridge by Karen Kingsbury?

by Karen Kingsbury includes books The Bridge and The Beginning.

Is Francine Rivers still writing?

Francine Rivers
Born1947 United States

What series comes after the Redemption Series?

The Baxters series includes the Redemption, Firstborn, Sunrise, Above the Line, Bailey Flanigan, and The Baxter Family series.

How do I read Karen Kingsbury books?


Karen Kingsbury – A BAXTER FAMILY CHRISTMAS – YouTube

‘Take Four’ by Karen Kingsbury, Above the Line Series #4

Karen Kingsbury’s New Book is a Classic Story With a Twist

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