What is the painting with the farmer and his wife?

SUSAN STAMBERG, host: They’ve looked like somebody’s grandparents for years, but this month that stern farmer and his wife in the iconic painting, “American Gothic,” actually turn 75.

What is the picture of the farmer and his wife?

American Gothic
TypeOil on beaverboard
Dimensions78 cm × 65.3 cm (303⁄4 in × 253⁄4 in)
LocationArt Institute of Chicago

Who painted the man with the pitch fork?

Under the blue sky of Iowa, a man and a woman stand solemnly in front of their house. They are farmers as suggested by their clothing and the pitchfork the man is holding. This is Wood’s American Gothic, one of the most iconic artworks in American culture. Grant Wood (1891-1942) painted it in 1930.

Is American Gothic father and daughter?

Many people assume that they were husband and wife. While Wood called the twosome father and daughter, the pair were modeled after Wood’s 32-year-old sister, Nan, and his dentist, 62-year-old Byron McKeeby.

What does the American Gothic painting represent?

American Gothic was first displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1930 and is still found there today. When it was first displayed, many critics took it to be a commentary on the repression and austerity of rural life in America. The painting was inspired by a house that Wood saw in southern Iowa.

What is the meaning of the Arnolfini portrait?

The carving, which overlooks the marriage bed, represents St Margaret, the patron saint of childbirth, signalling a wish for a healthy family. To ensure a successful marriage, a dog in included at the couple’s feet. This is a symbolic reference to faithfulness.


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