What is the purpose of fandango dance?

The dance is an expression of passion, and the partners tease, challenge, and pursue each other with steps and gestures. In another version, the fandango is danced by two men as a contest of skill.

What is the purpose of Spanish dance?

Flamenco dancing can have many different purposes. Whether the dance is intended to be entertaining, romantic, or comforting, flamenco is a very emotional style of dance. Flamenco dancers try to express their deepest emotions by using body movements and facial expressions.

Is the fandango a dance?

fandango, exuberant Spanish courtship dance and a genre of Spanish folk song. The dance, probably of Moorish origin, was popular in Europe in the 18th century and survives in the 20th century as a folk dance in Spain, Portugal, southern France, and Latin America.

What is the significance of the flamenco dance?

Flamenco dance is a form of body language and an integrated part of rhythm, uniting the most varied psychologically motivated elements with the art of movement and transforming the most spectacular skills into harmony and beauty.

What is the Spanish influence to Philippine dancing How does dancing play an important role in every celebration?

During the Spanish regime, dancing played an important part in the social activity of the people. Among the Christianized Filipino groups, the kumintangwas the oldest dance and song. It was pantomimed song and dance. The Pampangois another dance, characterized by the movements of the lion and clapping of the hands.

Which folk dance is performed as ceremonial worship in homage to the Holy Cross?

Subli is a folkdance in the Philippines which is considered to be a favorite of the people of the barrios of the municipality of Bauan, Batangas. It is a ceremonial worship dance performed in homage to the Holy Cross referred to in the vernacular as Mahal Na Poong Santa Cruz.

What is a form of expression of oneself through rhythmic movement?

dance. a form of expression of oneself through rhythmic movement. It also refers to movement set to music where there emerges organization, structure and pattern.


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