What is the purpose of The Graveyard Book?

The Graveyard Book traces the story of the boy Nobody “Bod” Owens who is adopted and reared by the supernatural occupants of a graveyard after his family is brutally murdered.

What is the main problem in The Graveyard Book?

Conflict. Although the dead acknowledge that Bod is a living boy and want him to have a full life, it is unsafe for him to leave the graveyard. Because the sinister man still seeks to kill him, Bod’s freedom is limited and he is unable to fully experience life.

What does the lady in GREY symbolize in the graveyard book?

The Lady on the Grey is another super-mysterious figure. She might be a personification of death – which means she’s death in human form, like a prettier version of the Grim Reaper. She says that everybody – and that means you, too – will eventually get to ride her white horse (called a “grey”).

What is the climax in the graveyard book?

The assassin and his cronies, the Jacks of All Trade, chase Bod and Scarlett into the graveyard. One by one, Bod outwits them and uses his privileges of the graveyard to trap them. In a final showdown, he tricks Jack Frost in the barrow beneath the Frobisher mausoleum so that the Sleer drag him away forever.

What is the internal conflict in the graveyard book?

There is an internal conflict for Bod because he feels a connection to both the graveyard and the outside human world. He knows a lot about the graveyard but yearns to know more about the living world. There is also a physical conflict for Bod against Jack who continually tries to kill him.

What is the man Jack In The Graveyard Book?

Often referred to as “the man Jack,” Jack is the novel’s antagonist and the murderer who killed Bod’s family and is intent on hunting down Bod. He’s a member of the mysterious organization the Jacks of All Trades, an ancient fraternity that harnesses magic by killing people.

Why was Scarlett in the graveyard?

Not so with Scarlett. The first time, her parents convince her the experience was imaginary. But at least that time, she returned to the graveyard to tell Bod that he was brave and that she believed in him. The first time, she keeps Bod in her memory.

How does BOD change in the graveyard book?

One winter, Bod goes to the Danse Macabre, a dance between the living and the dead that does not happen often. When Bod is about ten years old, he learns that his family was murdered. That same year, Bod goes to a regular school during the day.

What is the conclusion of The Graveyard Book?

The Graveyard Book ends when Bod is about fifteen years old. We see him gradually losing his Freedom of the Graveyard powers (must be puberty), and then leaving the graveyard by himself with money, a passport, and big, big dreams.

What happens if you go to a graveyard at night?

Try not to remain in the cemetery after dark to avoid being charged with trespassing. Furthermore, it goes without saying that do not enter a cemetery during the hours it is closed. It can be disrespectful to do so and also dangerous for you, your fellow visitors, or the cemetery’s staff members.

Why do you think the man Jack murdered the family members and was hunting for the baby?

Why do you think the man Jack murdered the family members and was hunting for the baby? The man Jack wanted kill the baby because there was a prophecy that the child would kill/end all of the Jacks of all Trades.

Why did Silas feel that Bod was ready for a change?

Why did Silas feel that Bod was ready for change? Silas felt that now that the Jacks were gone and Bod was a young man, it was time for him to leave the graveyard, to live among the living, and to experience life. How did Bod’s visits with Alanso Jones help prepare him for the next chapter of his life?

Why is The Graveyard Book good?

The Graveyard book is a fantastic story about, family, friendship and growing up as young bod, raised in a graveyard by two ghosts, grows up and finds his place in the world. Author, Neil Gaimen creates a heart-felt story with is language and ideas.

Is The Graveyard Book a mystery?

The Graveyard Book is no exception, though I fear too many readers might be tempted to write it off as just a run-of-the-mill ghost story. But this novel is more than the sum of its spooky parts. Yes, it hinges on a murder mystery. Yes, it’s set in a graveyard.

How long does it take to read The Graveyard Book?

The average reader will spend 3 hours and 12 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

Is The Graveyard Book a fantasy?

‘The Graveyard Book’ by Neil Gaiman, is a children’s fantasy novel. This book is about a boy, named Nobody (Bod) Owens, who is taken in, raised and educated by supernatural inhabitants of a graveyard, after his family was murdered by ‘the man Jack’.

What reading level is The Graveyard Book?

The Graveyard Book
BISAC/Subject:JUV018000, JUV037000, JUV013090

What is the prophecy in the graveyard book?

Throughout the entire book Jack is trying to track Nobody down and kill him. A prophecy was told to the Jacks Of All Trades that if Nobody grew up it would be a huge threat to their order. Also, Jack wants revenge on Bod for making him look like a fool who can’t kill a toddler.

What is the setting of the Graveyard Book?

The Graveyard in Old Town; Somewhere in England; Present Day – Yes, this book is set in a graveyard; that’s what puts the “Graveyard” in The Graveyard Book. To get to the graveyard, all you have to do is go to Old Town, and walk up the hill.


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