What is the range of Weber iGrill mini?

The thermometer has a range of up to 150 feet to your mobile device, so you can monitor the progress on your phone, and the app will send you a notification once your dish is ready.

Is the Weber iGrill mini worth it?

In conclusion. This Weber iGrill Mini review covers the bulk of everything you need to about Weber’s small thermometer. Our opinion is that the product works well in reading food temperature. However, we would have liked it more if it had more than one port.

How does the Weber iGrill mini work?

Introducing the Weber iGrill mini – YouTube

Can I use Weber iGrill in oven?

In order to get the best user experience with your iGrill 2, we recommend you follow certain user guidelines. Do not mount your iGrill 2 onto surfaces that are too hot to touch. The device should be mounted next to your grill, smoker or oven, not on the lid.

Can I use a Weber thermometer in the oven?

The device should be mounted next to your grill, smoker or oven, not on the lid. Do not leave your Kitchen Thermometer outside when it’s not in use. It is not weatherproof.

How do I increase my iGrill range?

  1. Press the power button for 15 seconds.
  2. After 15 seconds, the iGrill 3 will flash indicating that the reset was successful.
  3. “Forget this Device” or “Unpair” from Bluetooth settings on your smart device.

How do I connect my meter to my phone?

Set Up MEATER Link To Extend Your Wireless Range – YouTube

How do I turn off iGrill2?

Press and hold down the power button located at the bottom of the faceplate between the < and > buttons for three seconds. The display will show “OFF”. Upon releasing the power button, the iGrill2 will turn off.

What is MEATER link?

MEATER Link is a FREE service that transmits your cook data via WiFi, allowing you to monitor your progress from anywhere within range of your home’s WiFi network. To use MEATER Link, all you need is a second smart device (or a MEATER Block) and access to a WiFi network.

How accurate is iGrill?

How accurate is the iGrill 2? Weber claims an accuracy of within 1°F.


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