What is the roommate about book?

The Roommate follows Clara, an overachieving east coast socialite who’s always lived life by the books. After moving to Los Angeles in a failed attempt to chase after her childhood crush, Clara finds herself suddenly roommates with Josh, a charming, laid back LA… porn star.

What is Josh’s job in The Roommate?

Joan now owns a successful PR agency, and much to Clara’s surprise, is happy to meet her. After giving her aunt the highly condensed version of her move to LA, she casually mentions the name of her new roommate. A name, it turns out, her aunt recognizes – Josh Darling is a porn star and minor celebrity.

Is The Roommate steamy?

But is The Roommate a sex-positive, sexy, rompy rom-com? Yes, it is definitely that!

How does the roommate end?

Rebecca reveals herself and points a gun at Sara, proclaiming her love and loyalty, before revealing tearfully she was responsible for what happened to Tracy, Cuddles, Professor Roberts, Irene, and Jason, and that she did it all to win Sara’s friendship. Rebecca moves to smother Irene, and Sara attempts to stop her.

What happens to the cat in the roommate?

To ensure that Sara wouldn’t accept the offer, Rebecca kills her pet cat, Cuddles, by putting it in a dryer. She then told Sara the cat ran away. To avoid being found out, Rebecca inflicted herself with injuries. She then told Sara that she looked for the cat but was assaulted by a thug.

What is the roommate about on Netflix?

While acclimating to campus life, college freshman Sara begins to realize that her new roommate, Rebecca, is becoming obsessed with her. Watch all you want. This thriller starring Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester made its way to No.

How many pages is the roommate?

Publisher:Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date:09/15/2020
Series:The Shameless Series , #1



The Roommate Situation , Only in Atlanta, Book 1- Katie Bailey – Audiobook

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