What Jack Reacher book should I start with?

Killing Floor is the first Jack Reacher book in publication order, while The Enemy is the first Jack Reacher book in chronological order. Personally, I started with Killing Floor, then read Die Trying before venturing back to The Enemy.

Do you need to read the Jack Reacher books in order?

Like with Quarry, the Jack Reacher books are numerous and they are not published in chronological order. It’s not a problem, you can read them in any order you like.

Are Jack Reacher books stand alone?

There are many Jack Reacher books and, while each can pretty much stand alone, reading the series in order allows readers to follow a cohesive storyline, giving them a better understanding of the main character’s quirks and complexities.

What is the order of the Jack Ryan books?

Which book is Reacher TV series based on?

Based on the Jack Reacher book series by Lee Child, it stars Alan Ritchson as the title character, a drifter and former military policeman who battles dangerous criminals throughout his travels. The first season, based on Killing Floor, Child’s 1997 debut novel, was released on February 4, 2022.

How many Jack Reacher series are there?


Is the Jack Reacher series on Netflix?

Watch Jack Reacher | Netflix.

Does Lee Child write in first person?

Lee Child I’m very comfortable writing in the first person. It feels more natural to me, and it’s the intuitive way to tell a character-based story.

Can Jack Reacher speak French?

Reacher’s mother Josephine Moutier Reacher (née Moutier) was a French national, and Reacher was fluent in French from early childhood, but as he admits in The Affair (2011) he speaks the language Un peu, mais lentement (“A little, but slowly”).


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