What kind of Books does Daphne du Maurier write?

Dame Daphne du Maurier DBE
GenreLiterary fiction, thriller
Notable worksRebecca Frenchman’s Creek The Scapegoat The Birds Jamaica Inn My Cousin Rachel
Notable awardsNational Book Award (U.S.)

What is Daphne du Maurier writing style?

Daphne’s writing style – What is this? Never fixed in one genre or writing style, her work ranged from Rebecca (which has been called the first major Gothic romance of the 20th century), to biographies, historical fiction and horror stories, plays, short stories, science fiction, family histories and a mystery.

Is Daphne du Maurier literature?

Daphne du Maurier Gift Editions – Although she began writing and publishing short stories and four novels – the first of which, The Loving Spirit, was published in 1931 – it was her frank biography of her father, Gerald, which first established her literary identity.

What is Daphne du Maurier known for?

Daphne du Maurier, in full Dame Daphne du Maurier, married name Lady Daphne Browning, (born May 13, 1907, London, England—died April 19, 1989, Par, Cornwall), English novelist and playwright, daughter of actor-manager Sir Gerald du Maurier, best known for her novel Rebecca (1938).

What is the book Rebecca about?

Rebecca is a 1938 Gothic novel written by English author Daphne du Maurier. The novel depicts an unnamed young woman who impetuously marries a wealthy widower, before discovering that both he and his household are haunted by the memory of his late first wife, the title character.

Where did Daphne du Maurier live?


What is Du Maurier Distinct?

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