What kind of music is Jinjer?

OriginDonetsk, Ukraine
GenresMetalcore progressive metal groove metal djent
Years active2008–present
LabelsNapalm The Leaders

Is Jinjer a progressive?

Progressive metal giants Jinjer have unveiled their stunning video to new single “Disclosure!,” the latest track taken from new album “Wallflowers,” out now via Napalm Records.

Is Jinjer pro Russian?

Jinjer (/ˈdʒɪndʒər/ “ginger”) is a Ukrainian metalcore band from Donetsk, formed in 2008.

How do you scream like Jinjer?

How to sing and scream like Tatiana from Jinjer (without KILLING your …

What is Djent music?

Djent (pronounced “gent”) is an umbrella term for a subgenre of heavy metal music and a style of progressive metal identifiable by its repetitive power chords, unusual time signatures, and the use of polyrhythms, or two different and contrasting rhythms within the same musical composition.

Who is the drummer for jinjer?

Jinjer drummer Vladislav Ulasevich tests positive for Covid, will sit out shows. Jinjer drummer Vladislav Ulasevich has unfortunetly tested positive for Covid-19 and will sit out the first few shows of the band’s ‘Coming To America 2021’ tour with Suicide Silence and All Hail The Yeti.

Is Jinjer a metalcore?

The Rickshaw Theatre has announced that Ukrainian metalcore band Jinjer will perform live on October 23. The band from Donetsk, Ukraine is composed of vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk, guitarist Roman Ibramkhalilov, bassist Eugene Abdukhanov, and drummer Vladislav Ulasevich.

How many records has jinjer sold?

The band — perhaps best known for its song “Pisces,” which has earned 28 million YouTube views — has sold 50,000 equivalent album units and logged 41.3 million streams, according to Nielsen Music.

How old is Tatiana from Jinjer?

35 years (March 15, 1987)

Are Jinjer from Ukraine?

Ukrainian metal band Jinjer have been granted permission to leave the country to hit the road for a European tour. It comes after the band were forced to previously pull out of their support slot on Slipknot’s 2022 Knotfest Roadshow following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Did Jinjer make it out of Ukraine?

Jinjer announced: “We are very honored to announce that, together with the help of the Ukrainian Ministry Of Culture, we have successfully been granted permission to travel abroad as ambassadors of our country to raise funds and awareness about the war raging back home.

Did Jinjer cancel their tour?

Jinjer has cancelled their Latin America tour dates after rescheduling them due to the pandemic. According to the band, they’ve decided not to book any new dates in the countries “for the time being” and promise that they’ll “meet [fans] again one day.” Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading.



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