What kind of silicone do you use for acrylic pouring?

One of the most popular types of silicone used in acrylic pouring is the WD-40 spray lubricant which has a significant amount of silicone. WD-40 can be purchased relatively cheaply and easily. The WD-40 spray lubricant is a great entry level option for those who are just starting out to experiment with cells.

How do you add silicone to acrylic paint?

Different ways to use silicone in acrylic pours – YouTube

How do you use silicone in pouring paint?

Easy DIY fluid art: create cells with silicone oil – YouTube

How do you get cells in acrylic pour with silicone?

A good starting point is to add acrylic paint, and your chosen pouring medium in a ratio of 1:1.5 with 2-3 drops of silicone oil. Only place the silicone oil in the colors where you want your cells to appear. Experiment with the different mixes side by side to see how the results vary.

What can I use as a substitute for silicone oil?

Dimethicone. This is a skin-safe alternative to silicone which is used in many beauty products. Another common usage is personal lubricants.

What do you need for acrylic paint pouring?

  1. You’ll need a selection of acrylic paints to get started.
  2. Acrylic Inks and Soft Body, High Flow or Fluid Acrylic Paints are the perfect consistency for acrylic pour painting.
  3. Heavy Body acrylics have a much thicker consistency.


Easy DIY fluid art: create cells with silicone oil – YouTube

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