What makes a book urban fiction?

Urban fiction, also known as street lit, hip-hop lit, gansta lit, or ghetto lit, tells the story of life in the inner-city, generally with a gritty, dark tone. The plot shines a light on the harsh realities of life in the city, including hard subjects such as drug use, gangs, sex, poverty, and violence.

How do you write a urban fiction book?

Write explicit, descriptive details that appeal to the senses. In urban fiction, sights, sounds, tastes, bodily sensations and smells need to come across to the reader like a cinematic experience. Use verbs, nouns, verbals and adverbs that belong to the inner city environments you are writing about.

Is urban fiction still popular?

Urban fiction — formally known as urban literature, sometimes called Hip-Hop Lit — is a relatively young genre, but it is extraordinarily popular, thanks to page-turning storylines, contemporary urban settings, realistic characters (usually African-Americans), and straightforward prose styles.

What makes a good urban fantasy?

Perhaps the most important aspect of urban fantasy is its setting. Whether it’s a big city, an outer suburb or some other spin on the urban setting, the world of your story should be so vivid and well-developed that it’s basically a character in itself.

What makes a story an urban fantasy?

Urban fantasy is a genre of literature encompassing novels, novellas, and short stories in which fantastical characters and concepts are placed in a real world urban setting, often in the present day. Urban fantasy novels have devoted followings and they have spawned many film and TV adaptations.

What are the tropes of urban fantasy?

Urban Fantasy often crosses paths with a number of genres, including Alternate History, Cosmic Horror Story, Dungeon Punk, Gothic Punk, Horror, Magical Realism, New Weird, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Investigation, Science Fantasy, Supernatural Fiction and Supernatural Thriller.

Whats the difference between paranormal and urban fantasy?

Shortly put, the difference between urban fantasy and paranormal is that urban fantasy is very much tied to the setting of a city and to our current time period. Paranormal can be anywhere and in any kind of time period as long as it has things that are beyond a normal scientific explanation.

What is the setting of urban fantasy?

The “urban” in urban fantasy means that the setting should always be one of the main characters. While books with a UF “flavor” have been set in rural areas, historical periods, small towns, or even secondary worlds, the classic urban fantasy setting is a dense, highly populated present-day metropolis.

What was the first urban fantasy novel?

It’s not much older than I am, either—the first book considered to be urban fantasy was Moonheart, published in 1984 by Charles de Lint, with Terri Windling following close behind with her Borderlands series in 1986, and the term itself was coined in 1997.

Does urban fantasy have to take place in a city?

As we mentioned before, you don’t need to set your urban fantasy in a city.

What makes a book street lit?

fast-paced stories, often including flashbacks. vivid descriptions of the urban environment, including a lack of societal resources, poor housing, and poverty. the street itself as a place where action occurs or as a cause of action, like characters meeting on the street to conduct business.



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