What makes a good choreography?

A choreographer must have a thorough knowledge of dance steps, styles and routines. Directors rely on choreographers to pull together dance routines that are stylistically appropriate for the production and that best express the story ideas in the production.

What makes a great choreography?

*lyrical sense: familiarity with the music that allows the choreographer to convey meaning to the audience through the dancer(s) without beating them over the head with it, so to speak; *a good understanding of their dancer(s) ability and potential; *a prodigious movement vocabulary.

How do you come up with good choreography?

  1. Start with what you’re familiar with.
  2. Think of your piece as a puzzle.
  3. Try structured improvisation.
  4. Look for inspiration.
  5. Record yourself.
  6. Allow yourself space to develop your own voice.

Why choreography is important in a performance?

Choreography is the process of designing the dance steps to correspond with specific styles of dances or to create continuity throughout a performance such as the kind that are put on by a ballet company. Without the choreographic process, dancing can be chaotic and lack fluidity.

How do you start a choreography?

  1. Know your audience. Before you begin, you have to take your audience into account.
  2. Fuel your inspiration. You know you want to choreograph.
  3. Think about the music.
  4. Start creating your moves.
  5. Chunk them into sections.
  6. Incorporate transitions.
  7. Think about cheap dance costumes and props.
  8. Be flexible.

What is the tool of the choreographer?

Tools of the choreographer used for the creation of dances such as abstraction, canon, motif, contrast, accumulation, repetition, reversal, retrograde, inversion, fragmentation, and embellishment.


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