What makes Texas BBQ Texas BBQ?

Texas barbecue, also called Texas BBQ, seasoned smoked meats—specifically beef brisket, pork ribs, and sausage—associated with Texas. Texas barbecue has a number of influences, including the meat-smoking techniques of 19th-century immigrants from Germany and Czechoslovakia who settled in the central part of the state.

How is Texas barbecue different?

West Texas barbecue, sometimes called “cowboy style,” traditionally uses a more direct heating method than other styles. Food is generally cooked over mesquite, granting it a distinct, smoky flavor that is different from other wood-smoked styles.

What makes Texas barbecue special?

Lots of barbecue styles use mustard, tomato, and vinegar-based sauces. But Texas-style brisket – really good brisket that is seasoned with simple salt and pepper and is so juicy and tender, it melts in your mouth with each bite sans sauce – is what makes the state’s barbecue unique and special.

What is special about Texas barbecue?

Texas BBQ only uses dry seasoning, especially salt and black pepper. It avoids the use of wet ingredients, such as vinegar, oil or BBQ sauce.

What’s the difference between Texas BBQ and Kansas BBQ?

Kansas City barbecue’s signature touch is the crisp, charred ends of pork or smoked brisket. Meanwhile, the sweet and spicy tomato-based sauce that tops everything off is another hallmark of this regional culinary style. Texas barbecue, on the other hand, is often considered a different beast altogether.

What makes Texas brisket different?

The point (also called the deckle) is the richly marbled, fatty section that sits on top of the flat, the bigger, leaner bottom section. When you’re talking Texas brisket, you’re talking about a full, packer cut brisket (point and flat intact) that weighs anywhere from 8 to 12-plus pounds.

What kind of wood is used for Texas BBQ?

Mesquite: The official smoke wood of Texas. Very strong flavor, and burns hot/fast. Some experts only use when grilling because they believe it has too much flavor on slow smoked beef like brisket. Hickory: One of the more popular woods used in barbecue.

What does Texas BBQ sauce taste like?

Texas‑Style is a sweet and spicy sauce, Sweet Vinegar is similar to Carolina table sauce and is heavy on the tart flavor. Espresso is bold in taste and great on chicken, beef and pork. With Franklin on your side, your BBQ will be the stuff of legend.

What is the difference between BBQ styles?

Lexington-style BBQ is made with a ketchup and vinegar-based sauce and pork shoulder, while Eastern-style BBQ focuses on the whole hog and mayonnaise-based sauces. There is quite some disagreement in proper barbecue techniques between these two areas!

What kind of sausage is used in Texas BBQ?

Czech Sausages (also known as Klobase or Klobasa): These are the dominant sausages in Texas barbecue.

What makes KC BBQ different?

Kansas City barbecue is seasoned with a dry rub, slow-smoked over a variety of woods and served with a thick tomato-based barbecue sauce, which is an integral part of Kansas City style.

Is Texas BBQ healthy?

A recent Texas A&M University study found that beef brisket, a popular meat used in Texas barbecue, actually has some health benefits. Beef brisket contains high levels of oleic acid, which increases the body’s levels of HDL, the good type of cholesterol.

Why is it called Texas BBQ?

According to Robb Walsh, a food writer for the Houston Press, southern African American cooking customs and German meat markets primarily influenced modern Texas barbecue. The term is also tied to the Spanish word barbacoa, a South Texas cooking method in which the meat is wrapped and cooked in a pit of coals.

Is brisket a Texas thing?

Brisket is the meat of choice for slow smoking barbecue in Texas, and is often considered the “National Dish of Texas”.

When did Texas barbecue start?

We’ve got it for you. The barbecue as an event has been an American tradition before the U.S. even existed. These were massive and usually free. But the sale of barbecue as a menu item didn’t begin until after the Civil War (see here for the first documented Texas barbecue joint in Bastrop in 1878).

What is a Texas style smoker?

Texas smokers are designed to cook meats with no flame only heat and smoke, hence why it’s called a Texas smoker. The smoke and heat that they generate through a wood fire flame allow for the meat to get a tainted smoky taste in it.

What food is Texas most famous for?

  • Tex-Mex Burger with Cajun Mayo.
  • Texas Stuffed Grilled Burgers.
  • Tex-Mex Patty Melts.

Do Texans use BBQ sauce?

Their stance on barbecue sauce has become as much a part of their identity as their brisket. But the truth is, Texans love sauce. The rest of the state is flush with it. From the thick, sweet pastes to the thin, vinegary dips, sauce is on hand at literally every other joint in Texas.

What is North Carolina style barbecue?

There are two main styles of BBQ in North Carolina—Eastern and Lexington (“Piedmont”). Eastern-style BBQ uses the whole-hog (“every part of the hog but the squeal”) with a lemon juice or vinegar, pepper-based sauce. Eastern style incorporates zero tomatoes in its recipe.

What is Texas style BBQ?

Texas Barbecue – West Texas Style Barbecue: Meat is cooked directly over heat from mesquite wood giving the meat a smoky flavor. This style is typically known as “cowboy style”. East Texas Barbecue: You’ll find meats marinated in tomato-based sauces and typically served chopped on a sandwich versus sliced.

What’s in a Texan BBQ?

  • No combo plate is complete without brisket. Pork ribs, sausage, turkey, beef ribs, and pulled pork typically round out a menu, but no plate of Texas barbecue is complete without brisket.
  • Be prepared to wait.
  • Beer is free (sometimes!)
  • White bread, onions, and pickles are free.


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