What older singer has a raspy voice?

Singer Joe Cocker, famous for his powerful and raspy voice, has died at age 70.

What is raspy singing?

Raspy singing is the sound your voice makes when your vocal folds aren’t vibrating correctly. In fact, they’re rubbing together unevenly and randomly rather than closing together and vibrating smoothly.

What does a rasping sound sound like?

A raspy voice sounds like it had to pass through a rasp or a grater to get out of your mouth. If you can barely speak, you might ask for water in a raspy whisper. Other sounds can seem raspy too like a dry cough, the caw of a crow or the bark of a dog that has been at it for a long time.

Why is Harvey Fierstein voice so raspy?

Fierstein’s distinctive gravelly voice is a result of an overdeveloped vestibular fold in his vocal cords, essentially giving him a “double voice” when he speaks. Prior to puberty, Fierstein was a soprano in a professional boys’ choir.

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