What order should I read Patricia Cornwell books?

  • Postmortem (1989)
  • Body of Evidence (1991)
  • All That Remains (1992)
  • Cruel and Unusual (1993)
  • The Body Farm (1994)
  • From Potter’s Field (1995)
  • Cause of Death (1996)
  • Unnatural Exposure (1997)

Do you have to read the Scarpetta novels in order?

There are currently 24 Kay Scarpetta novels, and each one focuses on a different mystery, so they can all be read as standalones.

How do I read the Scarpetta series?

  1. Postmortem (1990)
  2. Body of Evidence (1991)
  3. All That Remains (1992)
  4. Cruel and Unusual (1993)
  5. The Body Farm (1994) – Inspired by the real Body Farm.
  6. From Potter’s Field (1995)
  7. Cause of Death (1996)
  8. Unnatural Exposure (1997)

What is the order of the Scarpetta books?

What book comes after the last precinct?

First edition
AuthorPatricia Cornwell
Preceded byBlack Notice
Followed byBlow Fly

What was Patricia Cornwell’s last book?

Patricia Cornwell’s last book “Black Notice” left me, as many of her other fans, a bit disappointed.

What genre is Patricia Cornwell?

Patricia Cornwell
GenreCrime fiction
SpouseCharles Cornwell ​ ​ ( m. 1980; div. 1989)​ Staci Gruber ​ ( m. 2006)​

What was Patricia Cornwell’s first novel?

Cornwell’s first book, A Time for Remembering (1983), was a biography of Ruth Graham, who had served as a surrogate mother. Cornwell, having developed what she called a “healthy respect for evil” while working for the Observer, made the focus of her second book crime.

What kind of books does Sandra Brown write?

Sandra Lynn Brown, née Cox (born March 12, 1948) is an American bestselling author of romantic novels and thriller suspense novels. Brown has also published works under the pen names of Rachel Ryan, Laura Jordan, and Erin St. Claire.

Who wrote the Scarpetta series?


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