What order should I read The Inspector Lynley books?

Who is author of Inspector Lynley Mysteries?

Elizabeth George is a bestselling crime fiction author and the Inspector Lynley novels have been adapted by the BBC. She has also edited two anthologies and written four YA novels, a short story collection and two acclaimed books on writing, most recently Mastering the Process: From Idea to Novel.

Who wrote The Inspector Lynley stories?

Elizabeth George

Where was Inspector Lynley filmed Cornwall?

Filmed at Charlestown, Helston, Padstow and St Clement’s Isle (Mousehole).

What is Inspector Lynley’s car?

Trivia. Inspector Lynley’s distinctive blue sports car in the early series is a Jensen Interceptor Mk II. In later series, Lynley’s brown car is a 1968 Bristol 410, an extremely exclusive make of vehicle built in England. Only 79 410 were ever built.

Is Inspector Lynley a lord?

Lynley is an aristocrat—an earl with the title Lord Asherton, which he refuses to use—whose family still manages to live in the ancestral pile in Cornwall. He drives a Bentley in the early novels and, later, a Healey Elliott, a classic luxury car from the 1940s.


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