What reading level is The Great Gilly Hopkins?

Guided Reading Set: Level S – The Great Gilly Hopkins.

What lexile are The Great Gilly Hopkins?

The Great Gilly Hopkins
BISAC/Subject:JUV039020, JUV013050, JUV013090
ISBN:9780061975172, Related ISBNs: 0061975176, 9780061975172, 9780062386175

How many pages does The Great Gilly Hopkins have?

First edition
AuthorKatherine Paterson
Pages148 pp. (first edition)

What is the movie The Great Gilly Hopkins about?

Young and feisty Gilly Hopkins (Sophie Nélisse) devises a scheme to escape from her new foster home and reunite with her birth mother.

What is the setting of The Great Gilly Hopkins?

“The Great Gilly Hopkins” is a story that took place in 1970’s. It starts off in a place called Thompson Park, Maryland,where Gilly will live with her third foster parent, Mrs. Trotter. The neighborhood has huge trees and old houses.

Who wrote The Great Gilly Hopkins?

This Newbery Honor Book from bestselling author Katherine Paterson will simultaneously tug on the heartstrings and cause laugh-out-loud laughter. Eleven-year-old Gilly has been stuck in more foster families than she can remember, and she’s disliked them all.

Is The Great Gilly Hopkins for kids?

Gilly’s intent on being unpleasant — she beats up boys and terrorizes her teachers and a series of foster parents — will appeal to kids beginning to rebel against authority. Fresh and inventive writing keeps readers engrossed, making this a great choice for reluctant readers.

Is The Great Gilly Hopkins appropriate?

Gilly has a harsh tongue and uses plenty of mild insults, as well as tween swears (“hell,” “freakin,” “get the hell out,” etc.). And she isn’t afraid to get in the face of or even push other kids and/or adults.

Why was The Great Gilly Hopkins banned?

Take Katherine Paterson’s National Book Award winner, The Great Gilly Hopkins, which was banned in school libraries in Albemarle County, Virginia, because it contains curse words and “takes God’s name in vain.” The book is about a tough-talking, angry foster child who is redeemed by love.


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