What should I expect in my first pole class?

Your First Pole Dance Class… (WHAT TO EXPECT)

What do I need to know before I start Poles?

  • Pole Dancing Classes are Very Welcoming Places.
  • You WILL be Aching After Your First Class.
  • You WILL get Friction Burns and Bruises.
  • You WILL get Used to it!
  • You’ll Become Stronger Than You Ever Imagined.
  • You’ll Become More Flexible.
  • You’ll Become More Confident.
  • Making it Look Easy is Half the Challenge.

What can I expect from a pole dance class?

You’ll work on spins, floorwork, transitions, and tricks, with the focus being on building strength and flexibility. A pole fitness class focuses more on the strength and gymnastics of pole, but they may also feature short routines and some dance elements to help you to link moves together.

Is static or spin pole easier?

Static poles do not move as you dance and, traditionally, are preferred for beginners because they are easier to balance on, judge your body’s own momentum, and learn basic techniques. Spinning poles rotate as you dance, and are used by dancers to execute speedy moves which can’t be done on a simple static pole.

What do you need for pole fitness?

Bring shorts, a sports bra, and a tank top. You may also want to bring leg warmers, in case it’s cold in the studio. Do not wear lotion on your body because this will prevent your skin from sticking to the pole.


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