What should I look for in a garden shovel?

Look For: Choose a shovel with a handle length thatโ€™s convenient for your height. The top edge of the shovel should have a flat ledge, so you can comfortably step on it with your foot for more digging power. Look for thick-gauge stainless steel blades that wonโ€™t bend or rust. Check out the best gardening gear for kids.

What is the best material for a shovel?

Almost all digging shovels and garden spades have steel blades. Steel is heavier and more durable than aluminum. While aluminum is prone to denting and bending, it is less expensive and better at resisting rust.

What is an insulated shovel?

An insulated shovel is generally used by contractors and for heavy, ground breaking work such as digging narrow trenches for cables, drainage and pipes.

Who makes the best shovel?

After 15 hours spent researching shovels and interviewing professional landscapers, and six hours digging through mulch, compost, and rock-filled wasteland at a community garden in New York City, weโ€™re sure the best all-purpose garden shovel you can buy is the Bully Tools 82515.

When round or square shovels a traditional spade?

A spade is shorter and has a flat blade, while a shovel is longer, angled, and its blade is curved into more of a scoop. Shovels are better for digging up, breaking apart, and lifting soil as well as for scooping and moving loose materials.

What is a small garden shovel called?

Trowel: This is a small shovel for use with one hand. The small blade with a pointed tip makes the trowel useful for transplanting seedlings or small flowers, repotting, and other precise tasks.


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