What should I read after the deal?

Kimberly: The other two books in the series, “The Mistake” and “The Score” are both fantastic, since you liked “The Deal.” I agree with Maryse, “Undecided” has the same feel as “The Deal.”

What books are similar to the deal?

What book should I read next?

  1. Read Your Favorite Authors’ Works.
  2. Create a Personal Reading List.
  3. Go to a Bookstore and Pick Up a Book That Sparks an Interest in You.
  4. Don’t Buy Books in Bulk.
  5. Don’t Finish the Books You Don’t Feel Like Continuing.
  6. Don’t Be Obsessed With the Number of Books You Have/Should Read.

How do I choose my next book?

  1. Read the Next Book on your Library Hold. Every time I go to the library, I always end up coming home with way more books than I thought I would loan.
  2. Check out Bookstagram.
  3. Try a Monthly Subscription Box.
  4. Let Your Friends Decide Your Next Read.
  5. Join an Online or IRL Book Club.

How do I find a good book to read?

  1. The Book Seer. Ask the Book Seer what to read next, and based on your preferences, he’ll kindly suggest a similar author and book.
  2. Goodreads.
  3. Head for Nobel Prize Winners.
  4. Take a Look at Best Books Ever Lists.
  5. WhichBook.
  6. Avoid Best Sellers.
  7. Penguin Classics.
  8. Head to Bookstores.

Will there be more Briar U books?

Like some wedding scenes or just some future plans. Elle Kennedy Right now, I’m not planning on writing more books in the Briar universe, but I have some other ideas I’m hoping my readers will enjoy just as much!

What book should I read After the After series?

  • Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.
  • The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory.
  • Did I Mention I Love You?
  • Lost & Found by Nicole Williams.
  • Paper Princess by Erin Watt.
  • Forbidden Promises by Synithia Williams.
  • The Hating Game by Sally Thorne.
  • Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover.

Is there an after 4?

Will there be an After 4? Yes, After 4 is happening! The movie is based on the fourth book in Anna Todd’s After book series, and it’s called After Ever Happy. It was announced around the time that After 3 (After We Fell) was announced.

Should I read the After books?

Do I recommend these books? Yesif you could handle not great writing, emotionally abusive young relationships, and losing your sanity for a few days, definitely read them. I’m glad I read these books because they made me feel something but I don’t think I could ever re-read them.

Will there be more books in the after series?

Scheduled for a March 22, 2022 release, After: The Graphic Novel (Volume One) chronicles the beginning of the emotional, whirlwind romance between college students Tessa and Hardin. Volume Two is slated to arrive in fall 2022, and five additional volumes will follow.

What should I read After bridgerton?

  1. 1 The Pink Carnation Series by Lauren Willig.
  2. The Wallflower series by Lisa Kleypas.
  3. The Survivor’s Club series by Mary Balogh.
  4. To Have and to Hoax by Martha Waters.
  5. A League of Extraordinary Women Series by Evie Dunmore.
  6. Anything Else By Julia Quinn (not a real book title)

Is there an After collided 3?

It’s official, After fans: the third and fourth films are on the way. Before After We Collided, even hit cinemas in the US, the two stars of the franchise just confirmed that the third (After We Fell) and fourth (After Ever Happy) films have officially started filming.

Is nothing more part of the after series?

Landon’s going to be okay but the journey sure will be fun to watch. Nothing More was a spin-off of the After series, a Wattpad sensation turned best-selling book series from author, Anna Todd.

Is always red on Wattpad?

***** Always Red is a published book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Published Edition and Original Edition upon purchase.

What happens in After Ever Happy?

The After Ever Happy novel sees Hardin and Tessa deal with the aftermath of what happens at the end of After We Fell. In the books, Hardin goes downhill after discovering who his real dad is, and breaks up with Tessa. Tessa leaves London on her own and plans to move on with her life.

What should I read if I like Colleen Hoover?

  • Elle Kennedy. Elle Kennedy is a bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense.
  • Taylor Jenkins Reid.
  • Christina Lauren.
  • Rebecca Serle.
  • Sally Thorne.
  • Mia Sheridan.
  • Jojo Moyes.
  • Penelope Douglas.

What is after series about?

Overview. The series follows the life of Tessa Young, a recent high school graduate, as she embarks on her new college life. Her life is meticulously planned by not only herself but her overachieving mother. But when Tessa meets complex rebel Hardin Scott, everything in her life begins to change.

What order comes After collided?

After (2019) After We Collided (2020) After We Fell (2021) After Ever Happy (2022)

Where is After Set in the book?

Plot. Tessa Young, an incoming freshman at Washington State University, arrives at college with her mother, Carol, and boyfriend Noah.

Is there a sequel to the deal?

The Mistake

Should I read Off-Campus or Briar U first?

You do see past characters in some of the future books, so you may prefer to start at the beginning of Off-Campus before reading Briar U, but it’s totally not required.

What book comes after The Deal by Elle Kennedy?

The Off-Campus book series by Elle Kennedy includes books The Deal, The Mistake, The Score, and several more.

How old is Hannah Wells The Deal?

Hannah Wells is a 20 year old junior at Briar University in Massachusetts. When she was 15, she attended a party and was drugged and raped by her date. By the time the book starts, she has had lots of therapy and is in a good mental place.

Is The Deal by Elle Kennedy a standalone?

New York Times bestseller Elle Kennedy brings you a sexy new Off-Campus novel that can be read as a standalone She’s about to make a deal with the college bad boy Hannah Wells has finally found someone who turns her on.

Is Briar a real college?

Briar U is the spin-off series to Off-Campus. Both series follow romances between the women of the fictional Ivy League school, Briar University, and the college’s hockey players. The Play follows Hunter, who we’ve seen in both series, and a new female lead, Demi.

Should you read off-campus series in order?

The Concept / Reading Order: – It essentially follows 4 hockey teammates/roommate in their last 2 years of college together as they navigate life and find love. You definitely don’t have to read these books in order, but I feel like you will get a better experience if you do.

Is the Off-Campus series standalone?

Off-Campus (5 book series) Kindle Edition. From Book 1: A sexy standalone novel* from New York Times and international bestselling author Elle Kennedy!

Is The Deal appropriate?

It’s a solid PG-13 rating. Jennifer Maloney I would say so, yes. There’s nothing explicit in it.

Are Garrett and Hannah in the mistake?

The Mistake brings us the romance of John Logan, Garrett Graham’s best friend and teammate. Logan has a crush on Garrett’s new girlfriend Hannah from The Deal and more and more, he just has to stay away or else find himself fantasizing about a woman he can’t have.

Do Hannah and Garrett break up the deal?

Hannah breaks up with Garrett but doesn’t tell him why. She claims she wants to date other people. Hannah goes home for Christmas and is all mopey. She calls Garrett on New Year’s to wish him a happy birthday.

What number is Garrett Graham in the deal?

Character profile for Garrett Graham from The Deal (Off-Campus, #1) (page 1)

How tall is Garrett Graham from the deal?

No. 80, 88
Born:August 4, 1986 Brick Township, New Jersey
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight:241 lb (109 kg)
Career information

What to read if you like Elle Kennedy?

  • POV: you just finished reading the Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy and you NEED more sports & new adult romance!
  • Jock Row by Sara Ney.
  • I Bet You by Ilsa Madden-Mills.
  • Ride by Harper Dallas.
  • Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen.
  • Not My Romeo by Ilsa Madden-Mills.


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