What should I wear to my first belly dance class?

Yoga or work out pants, sports bra, fitted tank top, or fitted t-shirt are best. Bare feet, dance shoes such as jazz shoes, ballet slippers, foot undies, or socks are all acceptable foot attire, no street shoes in the studio. Hip scarves are encouraged but not required.

What do you need to belly dance?

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What shoes do you wear to belly dance?

It could be barefoot, full coverage shoes, dance socks, or ballroom shoes. Jazz shoes are also an option.

How do you wear a belly dance skirt?

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How do you wear a belly dancer costume?

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What is the belly dance hip scarf called?

Sarongs. These are similar to belly dance hip scarves but longer, just like a long skirt. They often have also long fringes that are nice as they swing while you dance.

How do you put on a belly dancing belt?

How to Choose and Wear a Belly Dance Hip Scarf

What do you wear to a ballet trial class?

Your child should wear comfortable clothing (i.e. ballet attire or t-shirt and leggings or shorts) for their trial class. It is recommended that they wear ballet shoes for the class. If they are unable to wear ballet shoes, please wear shoes with soft soles.

What do you wear to Arthur Murray dance lessons?

Dress in comfortable clothes and wear shoes that stay on your feet. Students wear anything from jeans and T-shirts, to work attire.


What to wear to bellydance class

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