What song did Derek Hough dance to on DWTS?

Week #Dance / SongResult
1Cha-Cha-Cha / “Uptown Girl”Safe
2Quickstep / “Suddenly I See”Safe
3Tango / “Cite Tango”Safe
4Paso Doble / “Because We Can”Safe

What song did Derek Hough dance to last night?

The couple performed a Tango on the Monday night (October 25) episode of the dance competition series. Their dance was set to “Deadwood/New Blood” by Really Slow Motion/Zayde Wølf.

Who did Derek Hough dance with last night?

DWTS’ Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert’s latest appearance has fans all saying one thing | HELLO!

What is Derek Hough wearing on his lapel pin?

He wore a dark suit jacket that was trimmed with satin. The initials D.H.M. were prominently featured on the left side of the garment’s lapel. Along with the stylish jacket, Derek went sans tie and wore a white dress shirt to complete his fashion look.

Did Derek Hough dance on Dancing with the Stars?

Who is Derek Hough? Hough is a three-time Emmy winner for his choreography on Dancing with the Stars and a six-time winner of the mirrorball trophy with partners Brooke Burke, Nicole Scherzinger, Bindi Irwin, Amber Riley, Jennifer Grey and Kellie Pickler.

Who did Derek Hough dance with on DWTS?

Among the celebrities on the long list of dance partners that Derek has had over the last decade are Amber Riley, Nicole Scherzinger, and Lil’ Kim. With that said, it was hard for him to choose his favorite, but “there’s a few that stand out.” “Out of my 17 wives and divorcees?


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