What Songs Did Jewel Sing on Masked Singer?

Jewel – La Vie en Rose (from The Masked Singer)

What songs did Jewel sing on The Masked Singer finale?

The EP features renditions of songs Jewel performed on the competition show in disguise as the Queen of Hearts. The tracks include Jewel’s versions of Édith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose,” Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” Sia’s “Bird Set Free,” and Bishop Briggs’ “River.”

What French song did Jewel sing on The Masked Singer?

Jewel – La Vie en Rose (from The Masked Singer)

What was Jewel on masked singer?

As Queen of Hearts, Jewel soared through the competition until she and Bull (Todrick Hall) were the last two standing. While the guesses of the panel included everyone from Kellie Pickler to Miranda Lambert, Nicole Scherzinger pieced the clues together to come up with the correct answer.

What hits did Jewel have?

1.“Who Will Save Your Soul” (from Pieces of You, 1995)
2.“You Were Meant for Me” (from Pieces of You) (album edit)Kilcher Steve Poltz
3.“Foolish Games” (from Pieces of You) (radio edit)
4.“Hands” (from Spirit, 1998)Kilcher Patrick Leonard

Who is Jewel Kilcher’s mother?

Lenedra Carroll

What language was Jewel singing in on The Masked Singer?

Ahead of her TMS coronation, EW spoke with Jewel about the surprising way she pulled off a French-language song, what to expect from her upcoming album, and the touching reason why winning the Fox singing competition meant so much to her. Queen of Hearts performs on ‘The Masked Singer’ season 6.

Who sang French song on masked singer?

Queen of Hearts performed the first foreign song ever on the US version of The Masked Singer, as revealed in the sneak peek special. She also performed the foreign song in the 2 Hour Grand Finale.

Who sang La Vie en Rose on masked singer?

Queen Of Hearts/Jewel Performs “La Vie en Rose” By Édith Piaf

What songs did heart sing on masked singer?

Queen of Hearts closed out with a version of Katy Perry’s “Firework” that led McCarthy to call her “the voice of season 6 Masked Singer winner.” “I started singing to save my life,” Queen of Hearts said in her final clue package. “I sang because I needed it.”

What type of music does Jewel sing?

OriginHomer, Alaska, U.S.
GenresFolk pop pop rock country
InstrumentsVocals guitar
LabelsAtlantic Valory

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