What style of dance does Kalani do?

In 2016 she named jazz funk, hip hop and lyrical as being her favorite styles of dance. Her favorite fruits are grapefruits and frozen grapes. Kalani got her very first car on her 16th birthday as a present from her mom and stepdad.

What dances does Kalani do?

ShowSeason 4.0
EpisodeDance Name Song NameDance Style
Wingman DownYum YumMusical Theater
Nothing’s Fair in AbbyvilleThe Bite AppleContemporary
No Solo for YouRiches to Rags Never EnoughMusical Theater

How did Kalani get on Dance Moms?

Following her top four finish, Kalani and her mom, Kira Girard, was invited by Abby Lee Miller to join the cast of Lifetime’s Dance Moms, having first appeared in the season 4 episode “Big Trouble in the Big Apple.” Kalani and her mom became series cast members at the beginning of the competition season during season 5

Was Kalani the best dancer?

Why Kalani Hiliker Was The Best Dancer On Dance Moms

Who is the most popular Dance Moms girl?

Maddie Ziegler became one of the best known faces from Dance Moms, earning an international audience after starring in a number of Sia’s music videos and her film Music.

Is Kalani Abby’s favorite?

On Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition – Kalani was shown to be Abby’s favorite due to her flexibility, technique and her natural look of a dancer. In Vegas Show Stoppers, Kalani performed a hip-hop trio with Tyler and Travis but due to the style being her weak point, she ended up in the bottom two alongside Ally.

What is Kalani doing now 2021?

The 21-year-old is still dancing. – In addition to dancing, Kalani now vlogs on her YouTube channel for over 800,000 subscribers. She also dove into the world of fashion with a line of formal dresses for Prom Girl, and several “Dance Moms” alumni, like Nia and Kendall, attended her launch event.

What is Kalani hilliker famous for?

Kalani Brooke Hilliker (born September 23, 2000) is an American dancer. She rose to fame in 2013 as a contestant on the Lifetime reality series Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and subsequently appeared on Dance Moms, becoming a regular cast member from 2014 to 2017.

What studio did Kalani come from?

Kalani Brooke Hilliker
Dance StudiosDance Connection Too (2002-2007) Club Dance Studio (2008-present) Abby Lee Dance Company (2014-2017)
Titlessee below
Friends and Family
ParentsKira Girard (mother) Matthew Hilliker (father) David Newman (stepfather)

Does Kalani return to ALDC?

Despite this, Kalani and Kira were later invited back the following season, after the departure of Christi and Chloe Lukasiak. Kalani remained at the ALDC until Ashlee’s Big Decision Part 1 where she and the other elite dancers decided to leave the ALDC and form The Irreplaceables.


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