What To Do In My Singing Monsters?

My Singing Monsters – SummerSong 2020 (Official Trailer)

How do you get good at my singing monsters?

  1. Go to the Starhenge observatory and roll daily.
  2. Don’t sell on the Market.
  3. Focus on using your coins on buying structures.
  4. Take advantage of the wondermine.
  5. Don’t upgrade structures.
  6. Buy everything on the Market when you are at a stage where you’ve teleported monsters and bought structures costing coins.

What is the point of my singing monsters?

My Singing Monsters is a game franchise by Big Blue Bubble where you collect and breed Monsters that all sing and contribute to create a song. By building your collection of Monsters, you are able to purchase more Islands, which each have their own song and new Monsters to discover.

What should I spend my MSM diamonds on?

  • Buying Hybrid or Celestial Monsters.
  • Speeding up most time-dependent actions of the game at a rate of 1 per 15 minutes including partial quarter-hours.
  • Purchasing upgrades that require materials the player does not own.

Does Monster level affect breeding?

Increasing the level of the ‘parent’ Monsters increases the odds of a successful Breeding attempt, up to at least Level 15.

How much diamonds does the mini mine make?

The Mini Mine costs Coins and produces 2 Diamonds every 24 hours, or 1 Diamond every 12 hours. The Maximum Mine requires a premium currency purchase to upgrade, but it produces 4 Diamonds every 24 hours, or 2 Diamonds every 12 hours.

How do I skip time in MSM?

Go into your settings app and select General > date & time, then turn off set automatically then do set date and time and set it an hour or so ahead and voila! Your waiting is over!

How do you level up fast in my singing monsters?

  1. Placing new Monsters, Structures or Decorations on an island.
  2. Zapping a Monster to a Wublin or Celestial.
  3. Upgrading a Castle or Bakery.
  4. Collecting baked Treats.
  5. Removing Obstacles.
  6. Completing certain Goals.

What are relics used for in my singing monsters?

  • The Daily Spin Wheel;
  • Daily Login Bonus.
  • Bonus Item of 1.
  • Completing goals that award relics;

What is a maximum Mine My Singing Monsters?

The Maximum Mine is a new “premium” Structure available to all users if they have ever purchased any currency pack in support of the game. Purchasing a new currency pack of any size unlocks all premium structures and removes forced ads. The Maximum Mine produces 2.

Can you use cheat engine on my singing monsters?

[Request] My Singing Monsters. It’s semi-online, but there are a few things you can cheat even with just cheat engine. You can change the amount of turns you have left in a memory minigame, maybe theres more… Using cheat engine will only show them (gems, coins, food) as what you chose.

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