What type of dance does Kinjaz do?

Their signature style of mixing hip-hop/b-boy dance moves with Asian cultural themes has wowed crowds this year, and they’re slowly but surely making their way to the top after each week’s stellar performance.

Where are the Kinjaz dance group from?

Kinjaz is an LA based American Dance crew.

What type of dance do the Jabbawockeez?

The Jabbawockeez (stylized as JabbaWockeeZ) is an American hip-hop dance crew that rose to prominence as the winner of the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew in 2008.

How much do Jabbawockeez make?

JabbaWockeeZ Net Worth: JabbaWockeeZ is an eight-member, all male, hip-hop dance crew who has a net worth of $25 million dollars.

Why do the Jabbawockeez point up?

“Gary was the one who really wanted us to go on the show,” said Rynan. “His nickname was Gee-One, so anytime we point up or hold up one finger, we’re remembering Gary.” The crew misses their seventh member but feels he’s still with them.

How old is Keone Madrid?

34 years (June 30, 1988)

When did Keone Madrid start dancing?

Keone grew up a self-proclaimed jock in San Diego, CA. He was always a fan of dance, reenacting Michael Jackson and *NSYNC videos with friends. But he didn’t train formally until age 15, when he followed a friend to a hip-hop class taught by KJ Gonzales.



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