What types of choreography are there?

  • Dance (across multiple styles, including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, ballroom, contemporary, and tap)
  • Cheerleading.
  • Marching band.
  • Ice skating.
  • Theater.
  • Synchronized swimming.
  • Opera.
  • Cinematography (action scenes, for example, often require fight choreography)

What are the types of choreographer?

  • classical ballet.
  • contemporary dance forms such as jazz, hip-hop, street or freestyle.
  • musical theatre.
  • ballroom and Latin American, such as salsa.
  • highland or Scottish country (ceilidh) dancing.
  • cultural, such as Irish, Indian, African or belly dancing.

What are the different choreography techniques?

Several underlying techniques are commonly used in choreography for two or more dancers: Mirroring – facing each other and doing the same. Retrograde – performing a sequence of moves in reverse order. Canon – people performing the same move one after the other.

What is open style choreography?

Open-Style choreography refers to the combination, or lack thereof, of any musical style or form that contributes to self-expression. The Mantey Twins will explain one’s relationship with the art of movement connected to music or no music at all!

What are the 9 choreographic forms?

Choreographic Forms Structures that a choreographer uses in the creation of a dance such as AB, ABA, rondo, canon, theme and variation, call and response, and narrative.


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