What voice type is VITAS?

Vitas is probably best known for his astronomical and elastic falsetto. As a lower-set Tenor, he is comfortable in his mid-range and chest voice, although some say this doesn’t rival his proficiency in falsetto. His style is often ostentatious, at times to a fault [see: overdramatic crescendos & key changes].

What vocal range is VITAS?

VITAS range – 7 octaves!

Who can sing 5 octaves?

Singers with a wide vocal range – Other big names with a 5-octave range are Shanice, Prince and Kyo, plus jazz singer Rachelle Ferrell.

Who is the most pitch perfect singer?

Celebrities with Perfect Pitch – Mariah Carey. Known as the “songbird supreme”, this five-octave vocalist also has notoriously perfect pitch.

How high can Vitas sing?

Sensation! VITAS range – 7 octaves! – YouTube

What female singers can hit 5 octaves?

  • Mariah Carey.
  • Jean Carn.

What is Bruce Dickinson octave range?

According to a report published in the Daily Mirror, Dickinson has an estimated vocal range of 4.25 octaves. His voice led to the nickname “The Air Raid Siren”, which Billboard states is “due to the ferocious power of his singing”, although Dickinson claims it actually originated from a fan complaint.

What’s the highest note sung?

The highest vocal note by a male is F# in the 8th octave (F#8, 5989 Hz) and was achieved by Amirhossein Molaei (Iran) in Tehran, Iran, on 31 July 2019.

How many octaves can Jennifer Hudson sing?

She has to sing very high whistle notes or very low chest notes to be able to have a 4 octaves range.

What vocal range is Frank Ocean?

SingersAvenue — Frank Ocean’s Vocal Profile Vocal Type: Baritone

How many octaves can Lady Gaga sing?

Lady Gaga’s can sing approximately three octaves, spanning A2 – G5 – B5. What is Lady Gaga’s vocal fach or voice type? Lady Gaga is a Lyric Mezzo-Soprano. As she possesses a dark and healthy lower register and finds her tessitura around the C5-D5 range, one can assert quite confidently that she is a Mezzo-Soprano.

Who can sing higher Mariah or Ariana?

It’s said that Mariah possesses a 5-octave vocal range, while Ariana has a 4-octave vocal range, which is still damn impressive.

What is Bruno Mars vocal range?

Bruno Mars vocal range is approximately three octaves, spanning A2 – Eb5 – B5.

What is the hardest pop song to sing?

  • 8) MONEY by Pink Floyd.
  • 7) IMAGINE by Ariana Grande.
  • 6) LOVIN’ YOU by Minnie Riperton.
  • 5) WITHOUT ME by Eminem.
  • 4) STONE COLD by Demi Lovato.
  • 3) BODY AND SOUL by John Green.
  • 2) B.Y.O.B by System of a Down.
  • 1) BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY by Queen.

What voice type is Mariah Carey?

Mariah Carey’s vocal range is one of a kind; she can sing through five octaves (G#2-G#7) and four notes of a soprano. Her longest recorded notes go for a whopping twenty seconds in her hit song “Lead the Way“.

Who You Are Jessie J vocal range?

Artist / From:Jessie J (artist vocal range)
Title:Who You Are
Original Key:F# Minor
Vocal range:F#3-E5
Difficulty in Original Key:


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