What was Angie Thomas first book?

Her award-winning, acclaimed debut novel, The Hate U Give, is a #1 New York Times bestseller and major motion picture from Fox 2000, starring Amandla Stenberg and directed by George Tillman, Jr.

How many books does Angie Thomas have?

When was The Hate U Give written?

This is Angie Thomas’ debut novel and was published in 2017.

What books did Angie Thomas make?

  • The Hate U Give. by Angie Thomas.
  • On the Come Up. by Angie Thomas.
  • Concrete Rose. by Angie Thomas.
  • Hope Nation: YA Authors Share Personal by Angie Thomas.
  • Blackout. by Angie Thomas.
  • Find Your Voice: A Guided Journal by Angie Thomas.
  • Angie Thomas Collector’s Boxed
  • Angie Thomas Carter Family 2-Book

What is Angie Thomas full name?

Angela Thomas was born in 1988 in Jackson, Mississippi. She grew up in an economically depressed African American neighborhood and was exposed to gun violence at an early age.

When did Angie Thomas start writing books?

Literary Career – In 2011, while still a student at Belhaven University, Angie Thomas started writing her first novel, The Hate U Give. Because the story is pivoted around the Black Lives Matter movement, Thomas was nervous about approaching agents. She knew it was timely, but again it was a very delicate topic.

Can I read Concrete Rose before The Hate U Give?

For those that are unfamiliar, can you give a little description of the book? Sure! Concrete Rose is a prequel to my first novel, The Hate U Give, and follows Starr’s father, Maverick. In Concrete Rose, he’s a 17-year-old who’s known around the neighborhood as being the son of a King Lord gang legend.

What year is The Hate U Give set in?

Time period – There are many indications that The Hate U Give takes place in the 2010’s, probably around 2016-2017. First of all, it contains a large number of references to real-life pop culture from this period.

What is Angie Thomas best known for?

Angie Thomas (born September 20, 1988) is an American young adult author, best known for writing The Hate U Give (2017). Her second young adult novel, On the Come Up, was released on February 25, 2019.


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