What was Hitler’s favorite painting?

One work he long coveted was Johannes Vermeer’s “The Astronomer.” After the Nazis snatched it, their chief art confiscator, Alfred Rosenberg, sent a triumphant note to Hitler’s closest aide to announce the news, which “will I believe bring him great joy,” according to Hector Feliciano’s 1995 book “The Lost Museum.”

What was Hitler’s favorite piece of art?

Architecture was Hitler’s favorite art form. He viewed himself as the “master builder of the Third Reich.” Among the surviving examples of Nazi architecture is the Olympic stadium complex in Berlin.

What was Hitler’s dog name?

Blondi (1941 – 29 April 1945) was Adolf Hitler’s German Shepherd, a gift as a puppy from Martin Bormann in 1941. Hitler kept Blondi even after his move into the Führerbunker located underneath the garden of the Reich Chancellery on 16 January 1945.

Who was Hitler’s favorite painter?

Hitler’s favorite painter was Adolf Ziegler and Hitler owned a number of his works. Landscape painting featured prominently in the Great German Art exhibition.

Do any of Hitler’s paintings exist?

In his book Mein Kampf, he claimed to have produced as many as three paintings a day. While in power, Hitler allegedly ordered the collection and destruction of his artworks, but several hundred are known to still exist. In Germany, it is legal to sell pictures by Hitler so long as they do not contain Nazi symbols.

How much are Hitler’s paintings worth?

As many as 14 of Hitler’s paintings sold for $450,000 at an auction in Nuremberg in 2015, including paintings such as Neuschwanstein and Old Vienna/Hofburg With Old Passage Way.


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